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Massive collection weeding sales & rare stuff up for offers!

I gathered everything up, took pictures, and finally got off my butt and put together a sales post x3 I have a TON of stuff that needs new homes.

I also have some pretty rare stuff I'm going to take offers on.  Things including a Shaymin Figure Stamper, Poochyena Pokeball keychain, a Groudon TOMY  plush, and a bunch of rare movie merchandise! Some of this stuff I've never seen in any collections before, so be sure to check'em out.

My sales post has zukan, chou gets, retsuden stamps, kid figures, tomys, keychains, customs and more. For straight sales, click the link or picture below! I am open to haggling.  

Stuff up for offer...Collapse )

Straight Sales...Collapse )
Tags: alakazam, articuno, baltoy, bibarel, bidoof, blaziken, bonsly, castform, custom, dialga, eevee, entei, giratina, glaceon, groudon, hitmonlee, infernape, koffing, kyogre, leafeon, lickilicky, lucario, ludicolo, magmortar, magneton, magnezone, meowth, metang, mew, mime jr., pachirisu, palkia, pikachu, poochyena, roserade, rotom, shaymin, skitty, tomy, unown, voltorb, zoroark, zukan
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