heatrotomftw97 (heatrotomftw97) wrote in pkmncollectors,


 Hey, everyone! The Character Kids came in today! Please pay ASAP if your name is listed! :D: PAYPAL ADDRESS IS jandjsimonenterprises@gmail.com

arceus : Ash Set-$16 in USA or $16.75 if not-----PAID
charmystar : Ash (KID ONLY) and James (KID ONLY)-$17 if in USA, $17.5 if not-----PAID
heychado : Iris Set-$16 if in USA or $16.75 if not------PAID
noxxbunny : Cilan Set-$16 if in USA or $16.75 if not------PAID
fishnow : Clian Set--$16 if in USA or $16.75 if not-----PAID
heatrotomftw97 : Iris Set, Mamepato (KID ONLY) and Meowth (KID ONLY)------PAID
yurusumaji : Jessie and James Sets-$32 if in USA, or $33.50 if not-----PAID

If anyone wants an Ash Set, it is available for $15.99 anywhere in the world! (Sorry to [info]captainangel , it looks like that Ash replaced the extra Jessie set. ;_;) Please please let me know! :D

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