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Sales + auctions with many plush powers

A couple large bills came up (unrelated to collection fun, boo!), so I've had to make the decision to continue collection weeding for funds as well as space. D: Any help is greatly appreciated!

Beneath the cut includes what you see in the banner for direct sale and auction, as well as the rare 2008 Umbreon Pokedoll up for auction!

Edit @ 8pm PST on 3/10/11:
Added four direct sales items and four more auctions!
Auction end dates have been extended as well.

Terms and Policies!
- PayPal is my preferred choice for payment.
- Do not send payment as "Personal".
- No haggling is accepted at this time.
- PayPal payments must be made within 24 hours once you acknowledge the purchase, otherwise the items will go back up for sale.
- I am open to payment plans only if an item costs $50 or more.
- If doing a payment plan:
~if the grand total is between $50 - $100, full payment must be received within 1 month.
~if the grand total is more than $100, full payment must be received within 2 months.

- Shipping costs are extra and include fees for supplies, unless noted otherwise.
- I ship from California and am willing to ship internationally.
- Due to their size, larger items will only be shipped in boxes and this will be noted by items that fall under this category.
- If being shipped internationally, keep in mind that shipping for larger items may not be cheap!
- If you're at all concerned, feel free to request a total estimate, which will include shipping costs.
- Due to family circumstances, it may take up to 2 weeks for items to be shipped out, but they are normally shipped within a week.
- I will always contact you when your package has been shipped.

Extra Information
- I come from a pet-free and smoke-free home.
- I am willing to hold items for up to 24 hours, but if I receive no response or payment after that point, the items will be placed back up for sale.
- If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
- I will not sell to anyone banned from pkmncollectors.
- I have the right to refuse service to anyone if I see a real reason for it, such as prominent negative feedback.
- I have sales permission, provided by denkimouse as of 02/03/11.

When You Decide to Buy or Get a Shipping Quote
- Please provide your zip code so that I can determine the shipping cost.
- Make sure to provide your address if it is not automatically listed in Paypal.
- List your username and what you're buying from me somewhere in your Paypal title and/or note!
- If you'd like shipping confirmation included, let me know and I'll include it in the overall fees. The tracking code will also be provided to you for your references.
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail, but I do try to pack things carefully.
- If you are interested in buying anything from me, leave a comment; I will not do transactions involving my sales via private messages.
- Please do not delete comments requesting a shipping quote, asking of an item's availability, or showing a definite interest in buying.

Direct Sales

Jakks Togepi (left) - $5
Jakks Jolteon (middle) - $12 SOLD + SHIPPED
Jakks Hoothoot (right) - $4

MWT Starly Canvas plush - $15

MWT Lapras Canvas plush (left) - $20
MWT Ampharos Canvas plush (right) - $20

MWT Banpresto Super DX Shiny Lugia plush (left) - $20 - *will be shipped in a box* SOLD + SHIPPED
MWT Jakks Lugia plush (right) - $10 SOLD + SHIPPED

MWT Banpresto Super DX 2010 Movie Zorua plush (left) - $20 - *will be shipped in a box* SOLD + SHIPPED
MWT Banpresto Super DX 2010 Movie Zoroark plush (right) - $15 - *will be shipped in a box* SOLD + SHIPPED

Up for Auction
- All auctions will end on Sunday, March 13th @ 10pm PST.
- Community auction rules + sniping rules apply.
- If a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes, bidding may continue until a full 5 minutes have passed without a single bid.
- To place a bid, please reply to the appropriate thread or current highest bidder.
- Any deleted bids will result with negative feedback and banning from future sales/auctions.
- Remember to reply to the previous bidder in order to make a new bid, or else it will not count in the auction.
- If you're concerned about accidentally placing your bid in the wrong location first, just reply to the misplaced bid with the situation and try again in the correct location. Deleted bids not handled in this manner will be noted.

All auctions have ended!

MWT 2008 Umbreon Pokedoll (minky) - starts at $50 auction ended

MWT 2009 Arceus Pokedoll (minky) - starts at $20 PAID + SHIPPED

MWT 2005 Tomy Lucario plush - starts at $30 PAID + SHIPPED
*will be shipped in a box*

Custom Reshiram Pokedoll by glacidea - starts at $80 (includes shipping cost within the U.S.) auction ended
*will be shipped in a box*
~made of minky, is extremely soft, and was the first Reshiram plush (to my knowledge) at the time

Custom Zekrom plush by system69 - starts at $50 (includes shipping cost within the U.S.) auction ended
*will be shipped in a box*
~made of fleece, has excellent details, is very cuddly, is poseable thanks to internal wires, and was the first Zekrom plush (to my knowledge) at the time

MWT Servine Pokecen plush - starts at $25 PAID + SHIPPED

Mint Skarmory Pokecen metal charm (left) - starts at $15 auction ended
Mint Banette Pokecen metal charm (right) - starts at $12 auction ended

MWT Glaceon Canvas plush - starts at $30 PAID + SHIPPED

Please wait until all threads are created before commenting, thank you!
All threads are complete now~! Have fun, and thank you! <3
All auctions are now closed! Thank you to all who entered!
Tags: ampharos, arceus, banette, custom, figures, glaceon, hoothoot, jakks, jolteon, lapras, lucario, lugia, plush, pokecen, reshiram, sales, servine, skarmory, starly, togepi, umbreon, zekrom, zoroark, zorua
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