jchance1986 (jchance1986) wrote in pkmncollectors,

HI EVERYBODY!!! INFO and Small Wants

I hope everyone is having a BLAST with their B&W games (I know I am) I Just wanted everyone to know that I was granted sales permission and I will be opening up my shop "The Stinky Flower SHop" Really soon!! I will have all sorts of things for sale and customs!! I really want to thank everyone in this community I have made some great friends!!! SO be looking for my shop soon!
A few wants I am looking for these Items ON THE GLOOM AND ODDISH will pay $$$ so let me  know if you have them and want them to go to a good home!! Also always looking for Gloom and VIleplume! I also have a MIB Vileplume bell plush if you want to trade for the one of the other 2!  


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