Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

en ingles!

and with this, we have added english pokemon tags for B/W. i kept putting this off!!

comment if you see any mistakes, or whatnot. or just comment about who your faaaaaaaav gen5 pokemon is so far! :D

bored? GO BACK through the Gen5 tag and edit the tags to include the actual pokemon in the entries! especially do this for your own posts!

also, nobody guessed the three pokedoll combination in the little contest we held!! whoda thunk it! that means we can safely say NOBODY saw a blitzle, whimsicott and cubchoo pokedoll set coming! should we hold another for the next set of three? did you think it was fun? opinions!

cilan humbly requests that you speak your mind so he can give your spicy opinions a taste.
Tags: accelgor, alomomola, amoonguss, archen, archeops, audino, axew, basculin, beartic, beheeyem, bisharp, blitzle, boldore, bouffalant, braviary, carracosta, chandelure, cinccino, cobalion, cofagrigus, conkeldurr, cottonee, crustle, cryogonal, cubchoo, darmanitan, darumaka, deerling, deino, dewott, drilbur, druddigon, ducklett, duosion, durant, dwebble, eelektrik, eelektross, elgyem, emboar, emolga, escavalier, excadrill, ferroseed, ferrothorn, foongus, fraxure, frillish, galvantula, garbodor, gigalith, golett, golurk, gothita, gothitelle, gothorita, gurdurr, haxorous, heatmor, herdier, hydreigon, jellicent, joltik, karrablast, klang, klink, klinklang, krokorok, krookodile, kyurem, lampent, landorus, larvesta, leavanny, liepard, lilligant, lillipup, litwick, mandibuzz, maractus, mienfoo, mienshao, minccino, munna, musharna, oshawott, palpitoad, panpour, pansage, pansear, patrat, pawniard, petilil, pidove, pignite, purrloin, reshiram, reuniclus, roggenrola, rufflet, samurott, sandile, sawk, sawsbuck, scolipede, scrafty, scraggy, seismitoad, serperior, servine, sewaddle, shelmet, sigilyph, simipour, simisage, simisear, snivy, solosis, stoutland, stunfisk, swadloon, swanna, swoobat, tepig, terrakion, throh, thundurus, timburr, tirtouga, tornadus, tranquill, trubbish, tympole, tynamo, unfezant, vanillish, vanillite, vanilluxe, venipede, victini, virizion, volcarona, vullaby, watchog, whimsicott, woobat, yamask, zebstrika, zekrom, zoroark, zorua, zweilous
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