Usako! (usakochan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

[auction] Custom Gloom, Kamitsure/Elesa and 1 slot!

Hey future Pokemon Masterz~ ♪ Got some customs for auction as well as one spot! :D
( And yes I accept Payment plans~! ♥ )

As always thank you for your support! (≧w≦)

EDIT! I figured I would add a little commentary on 'em~! 8D;;

Gloom was made because I had JUST enough to do two of him left over in some scraps. I have been promising my bestie for a LOOOOONG while now that I would make her a Gloom Pokedoll b/c he got the stinky end of the stick. (THAT HE PROLLY STUNK UP HIMSELF) He never got any plush aside from the bell plush. ;A; Since she just got back into P!mon I wanted to try to suck her into the fandom more with a cute nerd to keep her company. >:D

Kamitsure/Elesa/Gaga is just a fierce b♥♥ch and I heart her. I wanted to have a little fun and do her as a side project~ She's actually been in the works for a couple of weeks now. I just brought her to the final stretch today while I had a break from watching my nephew. ♥ (Also silly info buuuut, Every time I worked on her I would be singing Love Game to myself, lul. xD; )
Tags: custom, gloom, people
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