Manu (hanged_man) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Scraggy hunt

 I have to admit, at first I was not 100% feeling Scraggy. But as soon as I started playing Black and White and got one on my team. I fell in love with the little guy.

Now I really want to get a plush of him. I would die for the 1:1 plush, but on ebay the shipping is out of hand, also I cant dump that much at one time for it because of the shipping price. But I am really here to ask if anyone is thinking of selling their 1:1 Scraggy plush and is willing to do Layaway for it. Like every week I pay off a x price to you and after I have it all payed off you ship the plush to me? I have done layway in the past so I know how it works. (I am also willing to hear prices if you cant do layway, but I am leaning to do layway at this time, )

Thank you for your time, I am also willing to look at other Scraggy things if you have any. But I am over all after the 1:1 one.

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