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an SMJ box arrived today.

as we all know, Black & White fever has taken over the world by storm. today, when a box of Japanese origin arrived at my house, a few Pokemon rushed to it, praying their darnest that it is not their master succumbing to the charms of Gen V and forgetting about their golden/diamond existence. (the pig, however, was secretly wishing for the exact opposite!) did their worst fears come true? all I can say is, one of them certainly took centre-stage as far as merchandise went!

first up - new additions to my kids collection. my claim to fame has always been my kids, so let's feature them first!

the first item certainly worried them all (except Tepig, of course) - the first two sets of BW kids. I didn't open them yet, because I wanted to get the Anime and Pignite set before opening all at one shot. and of course, i need to resolve the inevitable storage problem first - my 900 kids are already struggling for space in my glass cases!

Next up, two rather rare MIB kids that I need for my collection - two Lucarios and an Attack Gyarados.

The last Kids-related item - the original DP attack kids set! It's probably the last Piplup I need. LOOK AT THE FATNESS OF THAT RAICHU. It's that super uber sexy attack Raichu, and I now have a second fat electric mouse mwahahaha. Attack Kid boxes are what makes MIB kids so valuable in my opinion - the boxes themselves are pieces of art to be collected.

And now we reveal which Pokemon of mine enjoys the larger merch additions today...

A talking Marill! It's super fat and round, and is a lot more portable than the gigantic Marill from the first picture. It says 'Riru!' in a few different ways.

A tribute to the amazing Karoia! it's the same plush from her avatar.

Marill line Johto Dex keychains! The Marill here looks so feisty and happy here! Love these charms, they look awesome and are amazingly sturdy.

but in case you thought this is gonna be a Marill-centric episode, you thought wrong.

Marill ain't the only talking round blue creature around.

It's a penguin invasion!

It actually says different things when you do different things to it! For example, when it falls on its nose, it makes a sad sound. When it 'jumps', it 'executes' bubble-beam, complete with sound of water effect. I AM NOT KIDDING.

One of my favourite 'back of package' ever. instruction manuals were never so fun.

Look at the red backing of the box! GAZILLIONS OF POCHAMA HEADS. I tell you, Piplup's one of the luckiest Pokemon, as he has the most diverse and hilarious set of facial expressions and actions, and he has merch that actually specialize in displaying these in their full glory.

A few tins. Plup.

Imagine taking a rush-hour train ride in a world of blue Penguins. that's how it would be like. The pencil case came with magnets!

Some stickers I pulled. SO MUCH PLUP LOVE IN THIS SET. Aawww at Gible and Pachi too!

And last but certainly not least, one of my favourite Pochama merchandise - this.

a DX Dawn/Piplup figure.

It's gorgeous and very, very DX all right. Look at the determination on the 'Plup's face! Dawn has never been sassier.

An update on how my 'Pluptastic desk currently looks like at the moment.

before I forget, this may not have been from the SMJ box but just thought i'd share - I won this Lugia from an UFO machine.

It's kinda fat-thighed and adorable, no? I was considering putting it on sale, but the story of how I managed to win this sorta made me change my mind. ;) rather happy story with a great ending - I actually have TWO of these Lugias now from that day!

Thanks for reading!
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