Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,


 bah I was hoping to have more stuff to update with but oh well XD

of course got black and white XD, I've been playing black and I picked oshawott <3.Already beat the game just running around catching pokemons >.>

Got some pikachus in the mail

and cards from the tins <3

My mom found a couple things in her drawer :3
the video flips are 1.00
and the rulebook is free with purchase,its a pretty picture :3
All gone

Commons 25 cents
Gone: Rescue energy,Purrloin,and 1 pidove

Uncommons 50 cents
Gone:Holo Rescue energy,Fighting energy,and Holo Copycat

Rares 75 cents

Rev Holo Rhydon 1.00
Rev Holo Honchkrow 1.00
Rev Holo Shelgon 1.00
Rev Holo Volbeat 1.00
Rev Holo Granbull 1.00
Holo Pachirisu 2.50 Sold :3
Holo Mamoswine 1.00
Holo Swalot 1.00

and these two are for auction :3
I'll end them March 13 at 5:00 pm pst
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