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B/W Tour Meetup this weekend - Discover Mills GA

Hi again everyone! Hope y'all are well~

This is just a quick update on the run I'm doing this weekend. If you're interested in the new Tour merch, or would like to remove yourself from the list, please let me know as early as possible. Thanks! Here's the link~

More importantly for this entry, however, is meetup times and information.

March 12 and 13!
Looks like we came up with two potential meeting spots and times. The first one is outside the entrance to the theater (Entry 4) sometime before the mall opens. Maybe 9:00 AM? Here's a site that has information on available stores, plus the floor plan. The AMC entrance is way to the right on the map.

The second meeting can function as the official one, maybe right after the movie plays? Or sometime before? So far we seem to have the day established - Saturday - but the time is still not set in stone. I'm okay with any time of the day, personally. Let me know what you guys think. :D

Edit: Thank you sleepypikachu  for ticket information!
Showtimes are 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM and 6PM. Tickets are limited. Tickets available only at the Pokémon Information Booth.

Is anyone attending Momocon as well? I just received an invite from a friend for Saturday afternoon/evening, so I don't know if I'll be able to make dinner that day after all. We could try for a meeting in the afternoon both days? Seems like there will be a few people attending both Saturday and Sunday, others only attending one of the two days. I'll be there both days.

People Attending:
cuddlefist - Will have a canvas Vulpix + a red jacket
thunderwolfcat - w/ Jolteon jacket and/or 1:1 custom Snivy plush
first_mate_kate - most likely won't attend meetups, but will be wearing: Team Rocket shirt with a pokeball, meowth, and slowpoketail
crystaltiger1 - SCAD ID, Lugia pokedoll, and Lugia bell plush
growly - wearing fire type garb and holding a talky Zorua and/or Grailithe
breaks_ground - Wearing a pink Pokemon tshirt with Ash Pikachu, and the 3 kanto starters second forms on it. Brother will be wearing a blue/black one with ash pikachu and kanto starters. Also, Snivy and Flygon plush.
verdantdance  - Garchomp Nats shirt, Chikorita Plush
roxiexcore  - wearing a tie-dye Bulbasaur shirt and carrying (possibly) a talky Tsutarja, or Jalorda PokeCen plush
shortcakemiddy  - Rattata/Snubull cosplay (or Rattata Cosplay and Snubull plush? XD)
citrus_knight - Pikachu shirt, possibly Ash's original hat, a Pokemon backpack and carrying around a Togekiss plushie
zeldana  - carnivine plush, + a few mushrooms
sleepypikachu  - With onemuri Pikachu plush, perhaps wearing a Pikachu shirt

Note! first_mate_kate  said she'll be wearing a team rocket t-shirt, knee-high boots, this bag:

and will be handing out little treat bags to the first eight people from PKMNcollectors who meet with her. ^^ Keep an eye out!

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