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Input needed for a certain idea that relates to pkmn collecting (Grapevine BW Tour related too)

I was thinking of posting this in the last meet up thread, but I figured my message would be lost in there, especially when I need more of an opinion on this than with those who are attending the event. This is related to a web show for Pokemon that I'm aiming to make; And I could use everyone's opinion and/or help on this.

Details under the cut.

Let me explain myself; For a long while, I've been yearning to create an educational and entertaining web show for the Pokemon franchise. Basically, I've seen so many other mediums get their own popular web shows (Video Games with The Angry Video Game Nerd, Bad Retro Movies/TV Shows with the Nostalgic Critic, Bad Comic Books from Atop The Fourth Wall, etc) that I wanted to give Pokemon it's own staple out there, but instead of review bashing on things that people would hate on Pokemon, instead focus on everything in general and act as an informative tool for those who are either into the franchise but don't know every medium about it, or those who are jumping into it for the first time and want to be SHOWN what the franchise is about, as opposed to reading up on it in various articles on Bulbapedia, etc.

The show is designed to be informative, but on a vague note, as my character is brought by his boss, simply known as "Mr.55", to do various research tasks. Some are simple, such as simply playing through Pokemon Black/White (Though THAT episode would only cover up to the first badge), find the nearest Pokemon League (TCG Related) and possibly the most useful to video game viewers, train a competitive Pokemon team.

Ok, now I know what you're all asking: "What does all of this have to do with the community, especially to the collecting aspect?"

It's quite simple: To me, and I'm sure to a lot of you as well, the collecting scene seems like it's own side of the franchise altogether. You got your various kinds of collections out there, various photostories and what have you. There's a lot to this side of the fandom, but there's also many things to watch out for when you're getting involved with this too, especially if you show interest in starting one kind of collection. In a way, to me at least, this side of the medium is an equivilant to the Pokemon Contests seen in 3rd or 4th gen... sans the massive competition over it all of course.

Which is why I want to eventually cover this side of the whole spectrum in a future episode. I don't have a set episode plan for it yet (as in script), except that it would take place during my character's training for the video game regionals. It would likely relate to my character being assigned to improving his "time capsule of pokemon items" by focusing on one of his favorite characters.

I also plan to give whatever plush or figure is prominently focused in these episodes a personality of their own. Each main character would have a Pokemon plush that is basically "sentient and alive", kinda like how our own plushes are during photostories. There's an actual explaination as to how this is the case, but just know that I do also have scenes with these plushes interacting with one another or with their trainers in mind: From plush to plush or by themselves would be more like a filmed photostory if anything (Kind of a really, REALLY kiddy example, but think how Thomas The Tank Engine does it, as in stationary models with certain voice actors voicing them in the background), but from plush to trainer it would be mocked similar to how Little Kuriboh did it with his Yami plush a few years back.

So I need everyone's opinion on all of this thus far. What do you think? Anything you'd fix on this? Or do you think the community shouldn't be involved in this? I'm unsure how people would generally feel about this community and the general collecting community being a part of something like this, which is why I'm asking especially. I aim for this to be the ENTIRE Pokemon community's show either way, run by the fans and for the fans, so this is why I'm coming to you guys as well.

Now... after all of that... how does this relate to the Grapevine BW people?

I plan to film my first pilot episode at the event. The plot is suppose to be that my character is assigned to the mall tour and to do everything there. It's intended to be the episode that basically tells people what kind of show this is more or less, from the subtle information thrown into the plot, to the actual plot that's on hand in these episodes. As an example, think the SS Anne episode of the Pokemon anime and how it was basically the pilot episode here in the US.

IF you guys like, I can have you guys be a part of it. If anything, this could serve as the lead in for my character to be assigned to checking out the collecitng aspect of the pokemon franchise next. Ideas I have in mind range from simply meeting up and discovering the unique items shown to having our plushes interact with one another as mine explains what my character has been doing to... whatever else you may have in mind if you want to join in on this.

All filming ideas I have in mind with this wouldn't be something that would take a lot of time. Last thing I want to do is waste everyone's time with this of course. But let me know what you guys attending this event think.

I hope this wasn't too much off topic from the community's main purpose, but like I said, I'd really appreciate the input since I'd like to have this community involved with the project if at all possible.

Let me know, and thanks for your time with this ^ ^

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