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Long time no post! :) Commission and custom get!

Hey guys!! It has been a looong time since I posted on this community, and even though I've been away for a while, I have missed this place SOOOOO much. XD

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Allie, and I'm a heavy duty Raichu collector. :D (Obviously not as heavy duty as denkimouse, but I'm hoping to one day be up to her standards). XD I won't bother showing my entire collection because I'm sure most of the people here have already seen it, but if you'd like to see "MOST" of my collection, you can visit my (INCREDIBLY UN-updated) site HERE.

I was actually going to wait to post this for about a week, but I recently finished one of my plushies AND I got an INCREDIBLE custom in the mail today, so I decided to post early. :D

Say hello to Sealeo. :D

.....and I bet ya can't guess who this is...... :O

So we'll start off with my custom. This is a long awaited custom for a trade made with kateluff. She made me an amazing Raichu plushie (that holds a rice bag inside for warm cuddliness), and this was my end of the trade. ^_^

When I first started him, I wasn't too happy with him. His blue is a little off and I had some major trouble getting his head to look right. :/ It took me quite a while to figure out a way to make him look good. But once I got his head down, he became cuter and cuter and he's kinda grown on me. :D

He even has the little dots on his tummy. :D I was worried that they'd be too small to sew on. :O

Just look at that FACE!! XD He is already off to his new home. :D

I just have two more Vulpixes to do and I will be finished with my trades/commissions (and they're both almost finished)! I'm not currently taking commissions OR trades for my plushies at this point in time. There's just too much going on right now for me to get them finished in a timely manner. I will however start to make them and auction them off as I go. So that way I won't be under a deadline. :3 So I may get advice as to which Pokemon you guys would like to see in the future. :D

...and now, for awesomeness!!!

Look at who arrived in the mail today!!

OMG!!! LUFFF!!!! This cutie pie was made by the SUPER AWESOMELY TALENTED juumou as part of a trade. :D I am SO happy to get him for several reasons.

1. He is considered a "custom grail" for me. There are four custom plush makers that I would like plushies from, and juumou was one of them. :D I never thought I'd be lucky enough to own one of her plushies, seeing as how she doesn't usually do trades, and she's closed for commissions (so please don't bug her about it ;^^)

2. Sunday was my birthday and I didn't really get anything so this Raichu showing up today was a GREAT present. :D


He's made to resemble the Pokedoll style. He's about the same size, and 10 times as cute. :D Thank you so much juumou! I love him!! :D

Well, that's all for right now. :3 Even though Pokemon black/white came out on my bday, I wasn't able to get my copy until tonight, so I'm gunna go start my game! :D I hear it's amazing, so I can't wait to see.

Thanks for reading guys!! <3

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