exiarv2 (exiarv2) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hi everyone!

Hi there i just created a live journal account cause i saw this cool group while looking at pokemon plushies on google so i thought id make one to join in on the fun :)

Im a huge gundam and pokemon fan my pokemon collection is very small compared to everyones photos ive seen on here and im looking to expand with pokemon plush's mostly. Like alot of people pokemon was a very big part of my childhood one that even today i still enjoy. I still rember my very 1st pokemon toy a hasbro talking pikachu which i still have today. I would love to share images of my pokemon collection with you all but my camera is currently broken. I have an old photo of my anime related plush collection from early last year.


The pokemon i had was a jakks torchic and pikachu, hasbro squritle and bulbasaur and banpresto pichu (the checks are pink and the black bits are brown not sure what set it was from i have the pachirisu from the same set)

Im currently after a pachirisu pokedoll, and a charmander plush if anyone has one for sale id be happy to buy it from them :)


Thank you for ready and nice to meet you all


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