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collection update~!

Good morning, community! :3 (Yes, it's morning here in Finland.)

Ever since I joined PKMN Collectors and discovered the joy of buying awesome stuff and then getting mysterious packages every other day... I've really been getting them quite often. And now that I have calmed down at least a bit, it's time to look at the things I have gathered. Until now I have been keeping them in couple of boxes, as shown below. x3

Let's start with... Raichus! <3

Aaaawww they're too cute! That awesome trunk or whatever it is was a lucky find on Ebay along with the ponjyan tabs. And then there's the new Tomy Raichu, I'm afraid of opening the package since it's so cute... In case I want to keep it untouched, would anyone have an opened one for sale? x3 And then Jakks and BK Raichu from my very first GA participation (though there have been many after that x3), reversable Raichu from a trade with fizzycat (so cute <3 My Raichu canvas is keeping this little guy company on my table at the moment), Pikachu/Raichu stampers, a couple of old figures (I wonder how many I already have? x3), Raichu & friends cup (I think I don't dare to use it even if I'd like to) and that tiny adorable Raichu meiji charm <3 There's lots of flats too but they are in some mysterious pile somewhere so they're not pictured here.

Once again, my beloved ponjyan tabs. Just in case some of you haven't seen them yet x3 Actually the seller only sent two packs at first, the one with Raichu lines was missing ;___; But I contacted them and they had simply forgotten it so they sent it afterwards. ^^ And the rest of this picture is what they included with it as an apology! A small wallet-like thing filled with lenticulars (there's Raichu and Mew too! <3) and a really pretty Gold/Silver booklet. Dear seller, you can forget stuff anytime if the extras are this good! :D The weird thing is, the seller was Japanese but the wallet and the lenticulars are Italian... WTF? x3

It seems like Mews and Pichus somehow became my side collections. Mews were originally for my boyfriend but I like them a lot too, so here we are x3 I want more Mew kids, they're so cute... And I'm not exactly sure how I ended up with this many Pichus. I just grabbed one every time I saw something cute for cheap and they sort of... piled up. x3

I'd like to include a picture of Bonslys, Sudowoodos, Hoothoots and Noctowls I bought for my boyfriend, but there's something wrong with either LJ or Photobucket, the colors in the picture look weird. But anyway, there's kids, zukans and other random stuff... Why do I always end up liking the Pokemon I buy for someone else? It's the same with Mime Jrs I've been gathering for my best friend. x3

And this is juumou 's awesome flat lot. I filled the trunk with them since there's so much stuff and you still can't see them all. Honestly, when this package arrived it felt like Christmas :D There's more inside the folder and some of them are in my bookshelf and drawers... I discovered buying lots is great since you don't know what kind of epicness you will get :3 By the way, does anyone have pieces for that alphabet puzzle for sale? I only got like half of it and now I desperately want to complete it x3

And last but not least, plushies! Plushiesplushiesplushies! <3 I need more Eeveelutions... I really want to get a whole set. I don't really care about years or fabrics, so if anyone has cheap ones for sale, let me know! :3 That Spiritomb is for my best friend too, I have no idea why she likes them... It's from Ebay, so it might be a booty, looks pretty legit to me though. And I've wanted a Pachirisu plush for a long time, so now I have one ^^

This isn't all and there's lots of stuff I forgot to include, especially flats, and some things were meant for my friends so they have already found their new owners. Thanks to everyone who has helped me grow my collection! ^^

And once again, a shameless sales/auctions plug here: CLICK!
(I just added a few TCG league items.)
I have now decided that the offers for marbles, fans and ponjyan tabs end in a little more than a week, on Saturday 19th March at 11:59PM CST. (Lol, I'm bad with American time zones but I hope that works x3) It might be a little long time for them, but it's easier for me not having to think about them now since I have my final exams at school and all that...

Thanks for reading! :3
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