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Collection Update! Grail what!?

Hey so I haven't had an update in a little while, I was waiting for some packages to come in, and they certainly came in. =D I also thought I would do a b/w update/get standard post like you've seen a million times before XD anyway.....

I got my number one grail plush! Behold....

Takara Tomy 18" Arceus plush! <3 Isn't he beautiful!?

One big happy Arceus family! (Takara Tomy Arceus, Pokemon Center Arceus 9" and 6" ) Speaking of Arceus, its about time to see my new Arceus collection that about tripled in less then a couple of weeks thanks to awesome people on the community!

I finally got the giant Vinyl figure as well, another small grail.
Look at that DX kid and kid figure! I love them!!

I am four or five away from having all the elemental chou figures =D Next will be the Banpresto UFO plush.....
Its still got alot of growing to do but right now I am pretty happy =]

My Arceus plush collection vs. my Lugia plush collection XD I think Lugia might still win in size...

Starting a kid collection, idk why I just love kid figures XD
I freaking love that attack pikachu <3

I picked up Garchomp and Walrein locally

My mini Raikou figure collection that needs to badly grow XD

Current Plush setup =D (I'll just zoom into the ones that are harder to see)

That poor 1:1 Pichu in the back, he needs a better spot to be displayed since he is one of my most favorite plush. Anyway this is my growing electric Pokemon collection, I hope it will grow into much much more. (Custom Luxray made by me)

Before I move on, I present you ANOTHER grail figure! 6-7" Zoroark vinyl figure!

Okay now on to late B/W tour Seattle pics and B/W release gets..

First of all, can you tell I like Oshawott?

Cosplayed XD I made both costumes, I'm wearing Buizel and my friend is wearing Ampharos. I was told to take off my hood though =[ so I put on my Oshawott hat lol

Now to leave you with some cosplays I did XD




and finally...

Arceus XD

Also, is anyone selling or doing pickups for any sort of large pokedoll/plush of Samurott?
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