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Collection Update+A little want! ;u;

Sooo, most of the stuff I've ordered over the last forever is in, so it's time for a collection update~ Not a HUGE one, mind you, but an update nonetheless! ;u; Pretty much a bunch of cute little kids, a cute edition to my snorlax/munchie collection, some ~*jewelry*~, annnd some custom pins I made for myself&others~♥

Let's hope I didn't forget how to do cuts correctly... *crosses fingers*

This was a lovely little present from roxiexcore ;v; HE IS SO CUTE~ I love him, he sits and guards my pokemon games that share my snorlax/munchie shelf, hahaha. ♥ What a little bro.

I got the Abra from noctowl100, and the Mankey and Sandshrew fromsenshi_of_ruin

They're all so precious! Gotta love Kids. I'm especially fond of the Mankey, he brings back memories from childhood with that hat ;_;... that hat Ash so easily ditched, after going through hell to get it back from Mankey.

I got Xatu from nagaineko before I joined this community. I had my friend cinnri do posts for me because I was too LJ-dumb to figure it out and was afraid to mess up. xD Lol. The other two are from senshi_of_ruin. That Politoed is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen, hnngh<333 ;_;

Some more kids from the order I recieved from nagaineko. That Poliwhirl is currently my absolute favorite Kid in my possession. ;_; Just look at that face! Who can say no to that? As for Tangrowth, that was part of a small order for my friend and I, purchased from larvitarscar. Ever since the new movie came out, I suddenly really like Tangrowth. He's so big and floppy and cute. :3

These two sweethearts were from the same order as Abra. ;u; I absolutely adore the nidoran. He looks so grumpy. xD Like, "I hate you all" kind of grumpy. And yet you still can't help but d'aww.

And finally, some non-kid purchases!

The heracross strap is from glacidea! I've seen this little guy on ebay for like $20.00 and never thought I'd find one for a reasonable price. When I saw one in their shop, I had to get it. *V* He's so cute! There isn't enough Heracross merch. ;0;

As for the rings... I ordered a Raichu ring along with this Squirtle ring from karoia. I don't have the raichu ring in my possession as it was for a friend, but I absolutely love my squirtle ring. ;U;

WANT WANT WANT: Does anybody know where I can get my hands on a matching bulbasaur ring, if they exist? Who made these, anyway? Are they booties, or...?. I'm also looking for any other pokemon jewelry.

Speaking of stuff you can wear, I also made more pins, which I guess can be considered part of my collection, since they are pokemon and I do keep them on my stuff. xD

Nothing really to say about them other than that, so here's pics!

Aaaaand, I that's it! :3
I hope you enjoyed the heavy dosage of cute *V*

Tags: abra, collection, custom, golduck, horsea, mankey, munchlax, nidoran, politoed, poliwhirl, sandshrew, tangrowth, turtwig, xatu

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