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B/W Release Celebration Sale + New stock! |+| PokePlushProject staff needed

I emailed my 180 customers yesterday with this info, but it seems that some messages are going to spam boxes - please make sure to mark 'not spam' :3

In celebration of the new Black and White release in the US, Floaroma Pokemart is beginning to stock its' shelves with all-new-generation goodness! New Clipping figures and 2010 Movie Phone straps are in stock~~

In addition, select items are 10-50% off :D

Also, giant Airgurumi Drifloon + Yutakayumi Luxio plush are re-listed. Click the names to go see~


With the new B&W plush coming out rapidly, the PokePlushProject needs help! I apologize that it is out of date. I worked on it for a few hours yesterday at work, but it seems that I'll be needing to take applications for more staff members.

I am looking for 1-2 active members to join the PokePlushStaff as Gallery Maintainers.
Please email me a detailed e-mail about yourself, and why you would be the perfect choice, at juumou(at)gmail if you are the following:

* Have been a member for 6+ months
* Have positive feedback as a seller
* Willing to donate a few hours each week to finding and uploading pictures, sorting through the galleries, correcting typos, and is moderately OCD
* Has a positive, mature, can-do attitude, and a good reputation in the community

Anyone can help out without being staff by sending information/plush to pokeplushproject(at) :D
Tags: drifloon, luxio, plush, sales

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