Jayce (jayceanime) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update~


I've gotten a ton of packages, so it's time for a collection update!
small preview:

So, lets start with my main collection, pokedolls! Big ones to be exact!

These are AMAZING. The embroidery on zekrom alone is worth the money for both of them.

Next up...

Serperior! I love my reshiram and zekrom, but I think this new set is even better. :D

I'm not sure how they did it... but Pokecen actually managed to make the pokedoll even more snooty than the pokecen plush. XD

Samurott has a ton of detail, i love how they designed his arm shell weapon... things.

You could pretty much fit a miju pokedoll in his head shell.

and my personal favorite:

FAT FAT FATTY FAT. omg, people who dont have one of these are missing out so much.

Did i mention he's fat?

Pretty tags!

Tepig pokedoll pen! (only taken out of package for photos) I havent actually started collecting pokedoll merch other than actual dolls yet because i still have a bunch to go, but tepig doll pen was too awesome to pass up.

PORK TRAIN. 'cause who doesnt like a good old pork train?

Minun pokedoll was a gift from the super amazing lovedbyahero ;3; thank you so much again. <333

Moving on to my other collections!

Welcome to the den of Kibago/Fraxure/Haxorus! Haxorus' side is a little empty, because he has very little merch atm. Quite a few figures coming out this month of him that I am quite excited for! The new additions are Clear kibago and Iris kids, Kibago clipping figure, Haxorus BW playing card, and the beautiful clearfile! 

I made a small shelf for the kids out of their boxes since kibago already has 3! Iris is welcome on the kibago line shelf, since she trains them in the game, and kibago in the anime!

Here is my Baoppu/Pansear shelf! This collection should also be expanding soon with all the figures and plush coming out! New things here are the Pokecen strap and retsuden stamp.

I will leave you with the creepiest cute plush ever.

Thanks for reading!

Tags: collection, emboar, minun, pokedolls, reshiram, samurott, serperior, tepig, zekrom

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