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custom bell plush and charm auction + a small give away

granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
this is my first sale / auction! some of you may have seen me post tid-bits here of there of customs that I have made, maybe some of you commissioned me before I joined live journal (if so, stop by and let me know!) but I make a large verity of things, and that list grows through experiments. this brings me to my sales, some of my experimental/ practice pieces. these are for sale for pretty cheap because they were practice and not really meeting my expectations from myself anymore.
here they are!

3.00 for one of the sculpted charms on the top  (shaymin, wartortle, dunsparce, poliwag (has a very fragile tail!))  5.00 for one pair of pikachu earrings or raichu earring
3.00 for dewott felt test charm ( has some accidental hot glue on the face) and 4.00 for the set of electric rodent pins.

and the main event! I have some ready made bell plush for auction as well as some charm and bell plush commission slots.

so lets start with the ready made plush-

Stunfisk!  both normal and shiny, made of dyed crushed velvet, felt, and fabric paint.

I had some left over 1/2 inch furniture foam left over from another project and since bell plushes were the taste of the month it was instant inspiration! these start at  $10 each

tynamo, nickname is spermy! also starting at $10.00 made it before the English names were out, excuse the outdated name.  made of crushed velvet, felt, and fabric paint. 

1. zebstrika
2. oshawott
3. shiny joltic
starts at $15.00

1. angry Zebstrika
2 & 3: mawhile + celebii

starts at $5.00

- Items come from a smoke free, pet friendly house
- charms range in size of about the size of a dime to the size of a quarter depending on how much detail
- all customs from this auction will be made & shipped by the end of april to give me time to finish other projects in march
- I use crushed velvet for the main shape bell plushes, if I can I'll buy the color but I will also dye it if the color is not available- these should avoided getting wet in case of color running
- I ship once a month from colorado in the US
-I will ship internationally, please comment with a country or zip code so I can calculate shipping
- I will do bell plush repeats, but only after atleast 6 months have passes since making it. this also applys to other artiest that I have seen make bell plushes to respect them and their commissioners. 
-the above applies to - growlithe, sandile, stunfisk (12months), tynamo, chimecho, makuhita, jirachi, mienfoo, mienshao, corsola, scolipede, swoobat, tentacool, vulpix, chancey, politoad, Zweilous, litwick, lampent (let me know if I missed any!)

- auction ends MARCH 18th 12 AM mountain time (GMT -7:00) countdown- http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/customcounter.html?month=03&day=18&year=2011&hour=00&min=00&sec=00&p0=75
- I will hold sale items for 24 hours
-  paypal only
- please no deleting bids, if a mistake is made ask before deleting
- no trades at this time
- I have the right to refuse anyone
- no change bids please, increments of atleast $1
-follow community rules of course
- wait till your desired thread is up
- (EDIT) if earrings are requested they MUST match and details are more limited

this is my first auction so please comment (nicely) to let me know if I miss something.

for more examples look at my deviantart here--- http://hibikitikibi.deviantart.com/

and as for the give away~~ I made 3 charms to give away to community members at the tour, but only met one person who claimed oshawott. I would still like to give away tepig and snivy to someone. so under their threads tell me why you want it and I will pick when the auction ends. you may post on both but can only win one.

all threads are up!
Tags: auction, bell plush, custom, snivy, stunfisk, tepig, tynamo
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