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Overdue Introduction and Collection

Hello to one and all Pokemon fans! *waves* Many of you know me by now as I have posted once and commented quite a few times.

I've been a Pokemon fan since late 1998. To be honest, I used to LOATHE Pokemon with a passion. Sad, but true. -_- Everyone loved it back when it first came out and I couldn't stand it. It wasn't until I saw that commercial on tv where that kid is trying to take a pic of Charmander. He tells it to say "Cheese!" but all Charmander can say is "Char!" over and over again. Does anyone remember that commercial? I tried finding it on YouTube, but couldn't. T_T If anyone can direct me to a site that has it, I'll be very grateful. ^_^ Anyway, I fell for Pokemon gradually from there. For obvious reasons, my favorite Pokemon is Charmander. ♥ It got me into Pokemon, after all, and it's too damn cute. =^^=

I've been collecting Pokemon merchandise since late '98, so I have a wide variety. My love of Pokemon died out for awhile, but has regained it's stature. :) Currently, I'm collecting the movies in Japanese. I have a few so far. I'm expecting the 5th movie in the mail soon. I'm specifically looking for ones with subs.

My sister and boyfriend love Pokemon, as well. We watch the series and play the games quite often. We've traded so many Pokemon together. ^^ As of late, my sister only needs 3 pokemon to complete her Pearl. ^__^ LEGIT pokemon, I might add. We are 100% against hacking. We're not looking for any of the pokemon that are unobtainable out here. We're excited about the Darkrai event that's "supposed" to happen soon at Toys R Us.

Anyhoo, I've posted Part 1 of my Pokemon collection. Part two will consist of cards and other misc. items I didn't include in this post. I will also be listing items I want to sell, as well. So, without further adieu, I bring you my collection! *drum roll*

An overview of what's on this particular shelf. If anybody has trouble viewing anything in later pictures, let me know what you find difficult to see and I will retake the pics. :)

(Blastoise, Psyduck, Eevee, Mew, Charmander, Charizard) Some of the first large figures ever put on domestic production. They all say TOMY 1998 on them. They are my pride and joy. <3 Next to Charizard, there are a few other rare items. The Charmander figure and light-up card are from Burger King. There is also a small Electabuzz and Pidgey figure.

I have another picture of the kids, so if you can't see them well, no worries. Behind Pikachu and Charmander, you'll see a rare Togepi beanbag from Burger King. Also note the clear Gengar figure. Then we have the large TOMY 1998 dusty-as-hell Pikachu. ^^;; I have all the 24K BK Pokemon cards except Pikachu. I could not for the life of me find that damn card while they were still being sold at BK. They all were sold out. ;_; Ah well.

Charmander and Pikachu Welches jam jars. Talking Mew, Charmander, and Pikachu figures. Mew also glows in the dark. :)

Squirtle figure that came with a stand, but I didn't need it. Dunno if I still have it... *shrugs* My first Psyduck plush. I got the Blastoise plush as a gift from a friend who didn't want it. Woot for free Pokemon gifts! =3~

My Topps Pokemon tins. My sister has the Bulbasaur one. I love these tins! <3 They are so convenient. I store a lot of random Pokemon goods in them. Most of which I will take pics of and post in a later entry.

Here's a closer shot of the tin with random pokemon on it. The Charmander is so freakin' CUTE~~!!! <333

Some of the random Pokemon stuff I have in the tins. Top left going right: Pikachu memo pad, unused pokemon markers, Johto pokemon stickers, pokemon movie 2000 pamphlet, random cards(?), first gen. pokemon stickers classified by type, more random stickers, Team Rocket themed decks.

My marble pouches. If I recall correctly, a friend of mine gave me the Charmander one after I traded a different pouch. I do love Charmander the most, after all. <33

Trainer kit in which I got Latios and Latias. I now keep non-holo rares in it. This was an older photo, so the cards you see in it have been placed in a folder with other rare cards. Next, I have the rare pokemon in pokeballs keychains which hold Mew and Charmander.

Look closely and you can see the glow-in-the-dark pokemon plastic toys. They came with adhesive that can be removed and reused again and again. The adhesive is long since gone, though. ^^;; I used to stick these guys on my wall and ceiling fan. Twas fun seeing them glow. ^_^

Insert booklets for the following pokemon video games: gold, silver, crystal, Yellow, and TCG. The wireless pamphlet you can get a Toys R Us explaining how to transfer pokemon via Wi-Fi. More pokemon stickers, including a big Mewtwo one.

Top left to right: a card you get with Pokemon Stadium (I think), Ho-oh and tododile paper coins, cut-out pikachu bookmark and "place anywhere" cut-out, 2 chansey coins, Tempest theme deck, different language jungle deck, BK cards.

Sorry if the quality is poor. I had to choose between too bright or too dark. Since the latter wasn't as bad, I chose it. Here we have two Jap Vs card sleeves and a Jap Neo card sleeve. Out of any Jap card series I've collected, The Vs cards were the coolest in my opinion. They are unique in so many ways. It almost seems like they were made for collecting, not playing. I will have pics of my Vs cards in later pics and posts.

Definitely the most beautiful card sleeves I've ever seen. I apologize if you can't see them well enough. The detailing on each sleeve is amazing and eye-catching. These are just a couple of the Jap e-card sleeves. Zapdos and Suicune appear to be doing battle high above a city surrounded by ocean. In the other, Ho-oh and Raikou are battling over a vast desert like area.

My newest additions. It's odd to be saying "newest" considering these are old-school figures. One of my local anime stores had these sets in a clearance box for only $4.99 each. ^_^ I was shocked, to say the least. I'm totally in love with Eevee and Flareon. <3 I remember wanting a battle blaster when they first came out, but never had the money. Now I have one. Yay! ^_^

My Jakks figures as of now. I'll name them off in no particular order: Dialga, Palkia, Chimchar, Blaziken, Starly, Manaphy, Lucario, Riolu, Turtwig, Aipom, Squirtle, Piplup, Infernape, and Reselia. I will be getting more in the future. :)

My PokeKids! <3 Many people don't have the old-school ones, so I'm quite proud of them. My 1999 PokeKids are: Squirtle, Charmander(x2), Bulbasaur, Pikachu(chapstick topper), Mewtwo, Psyduck, and Snorlax in two different poses. ^___^ I also have an old-school Eevee kid, but I forgot to include him in this pic. ;_; He's with the other Charmander kid behind my Blastoise plushie on my radio. You can try viewing him in the pic with Blastoise, but it may be a bit hard. I'll include Eevee in a future pic. :) As for new gen pokemon kids, I have Darkrai, Uxie, and Luxray. I was so happy to obtain this Darkrai kid at only $2. I'm sure the price has gone up since then.

My Absol TFG figure, Battle Frontier talking Pikachu(only $5.47 on clearance at Target), Battle Frontier Jakks Pikachu figures. The one on 4 legs was a gift from my bf and the other has no tail. That's right. No freakin tail!! Why? I have no clue. Honestly, I didn't notice till about a week ago. ^^;;

My darling plushie collection! <333 In back: Manaphy (he was only $19 at AX! Awesome, eh?), Pikachu backpack, Ninja Pikachu (haha! He has 3 different Konoha headbands on. XD), Pichu (I bargained my way into only paying $13 for him. Got him at an odd Asian store in Chinatown), Togepi (the dirtiest plushie in my group. It's been loved for YEARS), and a Charmander backpack. In the front: Mantyke bean plush, Celebi plush ($10 at AX), Torchic (gift from mom and sister), Riolu bean plush, my other Psyduck plush (bought him at the Goodwill for only $1!), Pichu plush (my sister's), Meowth bean plush, Aipom bean plush, Corsella plush. The Pichu and Coresella plush were gifts from our friend who had a chance to go to the Pokemon Center In NYC. Lucky~!!!

Charmander plush I got on ebay. The person didn't specify that it was a plush you win at carnivals. It's stuffed with styrofoam. Not very cuddly. ;_; I have my heart set on a Charmander plush that is stuffed with cotton or something you can squeeze. If anybody is willing to do an even trade, show me what you have and we'll talk. :) I also have the Charizard candy holder, Snorlax bean plushie (got him at Rite Aid years ago for only 50¢), Butterfree bean plush, Eevee plush keychain.

Charmander room greeter (still works amazingly), old-school Togepi figure, pokeball from Subway, talking Pikachu, old-school Team Rocket figures with ekans and koffing suction-cup figures (will NEVER sell these), Mantyke/Geodude/Buizel Jakks figures(these are odd figures from Jakks sinply because they weren't made right. I got them at Big Lots for only $2 each. They are made of cheap thin plastic. Very odd. It's almost as if they were the "rejects" of the series of figures. I'm willing to sell them. They will be 50¢ each, plus $1 shipping. They are in "like new" condition. They've been sitting safely on my shelf with the other Jakks figures for a few months), Palkia stamp (I'll sell this for $1+$1 shipping. If you want a closer look at it, ask me and I'll take more pics), Owark/Onix keychain stamp, Chansey keychain.

Pikachu, Minun, and Plusle combo sleeping bag and comforter. Twas $20 at Toys R Us. Since the length is too small for me to use it as a sleeping bag, I simply use it as a blanket. It falls off the bed a lot, though, cuz it's made of slippery material. ^^;

I'm glad to be here and hope to see you all around! Pokemon 4ever! ♥ Ja ne!
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