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multi-purpose post: new plush, great gets, cute art, ebay fun, and pokemon black!

 Hey everyone! As I said before, in a previous grail post, I've gotten quite a few new plush in the past few weeks that I've been dieing to share! 

First of all, I got Pokemon Black! :D

It's amazing; way better than I would have thought. I'm currently at the seventh gym with my Samurott, Scraggy, Litwick, Scolipede, Archeops, and Whimsicott. They're such awesome strong Pokemon I love them all :3

Now, onto the new plush:

My mini plush! Buneary, Sandile, Pansage, and Zorua. Pansage has a tera in his broccoli stem though. Oh well. 

Teddiursa Pokedoll and Togekiss UFO. They're some of my personal favorites. 

Tepig! Having him completes my set of Unova starters plush. Oddly enough they're all different types. He's a Banpresto UFO, Oshawott is a Pokedoll, and Snivy is a ball-and-chain mini ^^;

Cyndaquil and Totodile. Cyndaquil's flames are so fluffy! I just need Chikorita to have the Johto starters. Well, I DID have her but she got lost in the mail...

My eeveelution Pokedolls, Umbreon, Leafeon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. Flareon is coming in the mail too! So all I need is Espeon (yeah right) and Glaceon. 

My Raikou Banpresto. At first I was upset I bought him since I liked the Pokedoll better but when he came in the mail I fell in love. He's so cute and amazing <3

Annnnd lastly my enormous Flygon and cute little Jakks ralts. Hoenn had such great designs :D

Most of these guys were bought on eBay for quite the price. I actually trust eBay since they've been pretty good to me. All the authentic eeveelutions didn't cost me more than $10 each and here they are, tags and all. Flygon was of normal price though...and Buneary was a gift. And I'm not saying it's dangerous to use eBay. For example, I recently purchased this Feraligatr: 
And he cost me a steal. I'm a little sure he's a bootleg, but he seems kind of legit? Not sure. Either way, for $9.00 I'll take him. He's adorable. Cute > authentic. Plus, I found this silly deal on eBay today:
For $5 they seemed to be quite a find. So then i thought, what's the catch? $65 shipping. Way to be discrete! 
Enough of that eBay fun. Look at this adorable custom Dewott!
I'm pretty happy with him :3. FanGaara on deviantart made it for me for around $25. I would recommend checking out her gallery, she's pretty good at plushies. her Victini is especially impressive! 
Oh! And for everyone that saw my post about the Swampert pokedoll, thank you for the support. I may be close to winning one for a pretty good price! Please support me in my journey to the grail :)


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