Alexandra (xxxandra) wrote in pkmncollectors,

BW Art Portfolio Pages Auction Reminder

Bidding on the Art Portfolio pages ends tomorrow at 10PM EST! Most pages are still at their starting bid, and DEWOTT, SERVINE, MUSHARNA, and UNOVA MAP pages still have no bids! Also auctioning off the Toys R Us Zekrom Wall Sticker and Legendary Stylus pack!

Click on the pictures to be taken to the auction or click here!

I also have a couple of pre-made bead sprites without homes!

Picture takes you to bead sprite commissions~

Joltik - $5
Litwick - $4
Spring Deerling - $5
Autumn Deerling - $5

And just to add a little fun - Do you have a BW Pokemon on your team that you love so much you bought merch of it? Post a pic! :D
Tags: custom, deerling, dewott, gen5, joltik, litwick, musharna, reshiram, sales, servine, zekrom

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