Tuesday (glacidea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Triad Area/Greensboro/North Carolina Meet up?


I've been meaning to do this for awhile now. Hottiehulio and I have been conspiring about a greensboro meetup. There are a lot of collectors living in the G'boro area it seems! I know she ran into one at Hot Topic and I randomly met Fernchu at TRU and then there's several others as well! So, why don't all of us have a little get together? I know Fernchu's leaving soon, so perhaps next weekend? Or...?

So here's what we should discuss:
Who would attend?
When should it be?
Where? I suggest the greensboro mall since everyone can get there by bus and it has that awesome little meeting area in the center where everyone could gather. (though the mall itself kinda sucks)
Anything else?

Once we iron out the details, I'll make the official meet-up post.

Of course you should bring a pokemon item that represents you. I'll be that crazy pichu/togekiss/bug girl. Hottiehulio is a crazy cat lady. So yes! Come prepared to chat or play Pokemon BW (feeling checks for all!) and we can eat together and take pics for comm and just enjoy a day of not worrying about exams or bills.

Also, we should have a meet-up tag!

Also, I lowered some prices in my sales: lonepichu.livejournal.com/622672.html

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