Miss_n00b (fizzycat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

offers reminder! new items added to sales!

 Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that the offers on my TWO COMPLETE DIAMOND AND PEARL ZUKAN DIORAMA, UMBREON AND ESPEON MIP ZUKAN, CROAGUNK/TOXICROAK RARE PUFFED VARIANT ZUKAN and my POKEMON CENTRE RAYQUAZA JACKET will be ending tomorrow! Dioramas are still at their starting bids! Don't miss out! We have also slashed prices on the rest of the zukans available for straight sale!

We have also added some new kids, zukand and the newest garchomp battrio coin! Come check it out!

click either the banner or HERE to be transported!

If you have your eye on something but low on cash, I am also accepting trades for cards on my wishlist! see here:


I will also buy these is the price is reasonable! Don't be afraid to chuck offers at me!

Thanks for reading and many apologies for the boring post! Thanks <33
Tags: espeon, garchomp, raichu, rayquaza, rotom, sales, umbreon
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