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Offers Ending tonight at 11pm EST

Offers for the stuff in my sales post end tonight at 11pm EST, about 2.5 hrs from now.

Ive cleaned up my sales post too with what was sold already, and I added two BW Portfolios.

Also, I have some news about shipping. Earlier this week I sent out half of the packages (randomly grabbed). Saturday is supposed to be my second trip, but I may not be able to get there now. Ive been having a lot of problems with my eye/contacts lately, and the past few days it RAPIDLY got worse. Thus, I may have to go home this weekend to visit the doctor and try to figure out whats wrong, if the new stuff I bought today to try to fix this fails. If this happens, then international members and some of the US members may need to wait until next Saturday, the 19th. That starts my spring break, so from then on I will definitely be able to send stuff out. Im sorry about the possible delay!

Click the banner to be teleported!

Offers/sales include zukan pieces, kids, random figures, rare Pillow plush, and an elusive MWT Espeon Mascot Plush! Heres a preview of most of the stuff up for offers.

Please note that since the majority of these toys came from Y!J lots, they are USED! Expect small marks, some missing paint, wear, or dirt! Some have "Yuki" written on the bottom. I did go through and clean them, but there are a lot of toys here, so I didn't spend too much time on each. I tried to go through and list conditions for each figure, but it was way too time consuming. If figures do not have a condition listing under the picture, this does not guarantee that there are no marks or anything on the figures.

That being said, overall they look pretty good to me! Mostly the above is a warning that these toys are not sparkly mint condition. Please keep this in mind! If you have any questions or want more details, feel free to ask!
Tags: entei, espeon, jirachi, lucario, lugia, mewtwo, munchlax, palkia, pikachu, plush, zukan

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