Holly (puyro) wrote in pkmncollectors,

one year collection update. re-intro kinda

Hi everyone! So it's been a YEAR since I joined the community. A YEAR. TO THE DAY. My collection has asploded of course since joining. To begin with my collection started with.... a Shaymin plush, and the game boy games.

Yeah that's it.  xD

For new members/those who don't know:
My name is Holly, I'm 23 and live in Northern New York (think half hour from Canada north) I've never been to NYC xD
My main collections are the Shinx line (pretty much equally) and the Gastly line (focusing on Gengar)
Once more Litwick merch comes out, I'll be making that a main collection as well.
My side collection Pokemon are Cyndaquil. Team Rocket/Meowth, Mew, Lucario (plus movie merch) Cleffa/Clefairy
My category collections are: pokedolls, stationery, and zukan.

Feel free to ask me any questions about items in my collection, etc.  I'll be glad to answer them =D

Preview of what my collection looks like now:

Drag the pic to the address bar to make it bigger

The MAINS. plus a 10th anniversary Cyndaquil pokedoll and some random metal figs xD
I have close-ups below of the smaller figures and stuff~
Custom luxio by junolover
Custom shinx by katisconfused

A lot of users have contributed and helped me with a lot of questions with my collection. Especially when I first joined ;_;
I'd like to shout-out ewokie , peeche00 , denkimouse , ambertdd , lovedbyahero , sorcererhuntres , entirelycliched for helping me so much with my collection, GAs, EVERTHING. Thank you. To everyone I've bought from here I'd also like to thank you for helping me add to my collection some very cool items... which I think is pretty much every member here now XD Thank you to all of the sellers/ga runners as well =D

Pokedolls. I like them.

Luxio custom plush I'm going to take a better picture of in a second xD Done. next pic.
Litwick and Haunter are customs as well~

Ew this mess. Yeah I've run out of room. Cutest Houndour cupcake by lovedbyahero
I tried to make this presentable and MADE IT WORSE. afraid to touch it now xD

Cyndaquil cubby where you can't really see anything either but I'm also afraid to touch.

Cyndaquil 1/1 and... some companions.

Pikachu solar thingie, Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu Ravensburger Puzzleball

MIP Luxio and Litwick strap!

Ghost playset =D yay widdle gengar!

All my games (minus Pokemon Black)
lol hello kitty game boy color

Stuff I got TODAY \o/
Gengar from rentorar 'sgroup buy
Lucario notebook from eternal_rena

I need more pens. The Pikachu pens at the top are my FAVORITE PENS. I use them so much. xD (And i always make sure to hand a pikachu one to my dad when he asks me for a pen haha)

My Charmander TCG binder - I only collect cards with art I like, I'm super picky so I have a total of like.. 20 cards?
Custom charms. Not picture is Chandelure because I can't get a pic of it to turn out for some reason, but it's attached to my DS right now.

HG/SS poster Target gave to me =D
...plus calvin and hobbes (favorite comic strip ever man)

Gengar and Shinx custom paintings from an etsy seller

zukan collection! I'm still after a few but I've got most of the ones I want. Anxiously awaiting new sets for gen 5 O_O

and my laptop buddy. he says sup.

Not pictured: my flats binder. impossible to take pictures of and it would have taken forever... maybe next time! it includes some custom art, tags,  various flatty things. 


Pokemon Black NIP - $38 shipped to any USA address. Will ship international just ask for a quote. ^_^ Picture available upon request.

Also Target art folios from my post here are still available.

man this took a while, hope i didn't forget anything waka waka waka

Also shipping status, I ran out of shipping materials and am waiting on them to get to me... supposedly Saturday so crossing my fingers. Nevertheless, I won't be able to ship til next week~
Tags: collection, cyndaquil, gastly, gengar, haunter, litwick, lucario, luxio, luxray, mew, sales, shinx, zukan

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