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Small super gets + It's a big shipping time!

 Good night, all! I got these two two beauties in different GA's host by genius dezchu  and my_chapstick . Definitely would like you all to share my happiness! Oh my...


These are the best ever figures made for Pokemon Hero! I have been always appreciating TOMY's dedication to details for small figures, and indeed they deserve the honor.

Newbies join their families! We have clear, pearly shining, and the best ever made figures!

Not long after I ordered this little cutie, the U.S. Pokemon International Company re-distributed her. I had been feeling unlucky after I paid bucks more. But when I got her in hands, WOW! I had to admit the Japan version looks more delicately sewed. Moreover, I did not expect her to be a little bigger than her Pokedoll friends.

Get a FREE cookie if you could find the two little Ninja's!


Second, I've recently started selling and to my surprise .... EVERYTHING WENT AMAZING UP TO NOW! Yay!!!!! Thank you who participated in either my sale, auction or offer. You're the best! What is that mysterious gift?



Yes, I packed ALL YOU GUYS' items super fast like a HUGE assembling line! All packages will be shipped out tomorrow!

Hey, Flaffy get out of there! You're not a package! Get a BONUS donut if you made the correct guess of what bag this is!

EDIT: All items have been shipped. Read the message and let's exchange feedback! Lastly, enjoy yours when it arrives! 

Thanks for reading. Have a nice dream!
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