mandysaurus_rex (mandysaurus_rex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Weeding Lot

Hello Community

I have decided to bunch almost everything I am wanting to get rid of and/or need to get rid of.
I hate to part from some of these items, but it must be done.
Actually I should be getting rid of a lot more, but alas I just couldn't part from certain things just yet.
Maybe someday I'll eventually sell them, but for now this is it.

The items you will see are mainly figures, charms, TFGs, Plush, etc. and some small flats(ish) things.

I do plan to do another Lot, for my huge waste of space cards I want to get rid of, with a few other flatish items.
But for now
there is this:

At the moment I am only going to be taking offers on the Lot.
Please do note your offer will not have shipping + fees included. If someone wishes to host this as a GA, I will ask that you give me the zip it is to be shipped to, so I may be able to go to the post office and get an estimate on the shipping asap.

Also note I will not ship out of country for this.

Not all items are in perfect shape, seeing as how some of these items are older. Some have normal age wear/marks, others have some odd marks I can not explain. I have tried cleaning some of them, but to no win.
Maybe one of you will have better luck, since I do know some out there have been able to clean off similar marks.

If anyone has any questions or wishes to see closer pictures or wants specifics of an item let me know and I will get some asap.
Tags: aerodactyl, aggron, arcanine, articuno, auction, blastoise, blaziken, butterfree, cards, chansey, charizard, charmander, charmeleon, cyndaquil, darkrai, dialga, dratini, eevee, espeon, figures, flareon, gallade, games, gardevoir, geodude, giratina, golduck, growlithe, ho-oh, hypno, kids, koffing, kyogre, lapras, latias, latios, lugia, manaphy, mew, mewtwo, minun, nidoran, persian, pikachu, plush, plusle, ponyta, psyduck, quilava, raichu, sales, sandslash, scyther, seadra, seviper, tentacruel, togepi, tomy, turtwig, weezing, wobbuffet, zapdos

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