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Have you hugged your Reshiram today + Auction reminder and update!

New fun gets, so it's time to share~!

Awesome Reshiram Pokedoll, thanks to sakusha! This Reshiram strikes me as a girl type for various reasons. :0 From all the positive opinions, I did cave in, haha.

I'm thinking of nicknaming her Jester because I love those horns~!

And a weird thing! Is she smiling? O_O I only recall seeing Reshiram Pokedolls with D: or :( faces, but Jester looks like :) here?

To celebrate the larger Pokedolls, I also got these lovely stickers for them. ^o^

Finally got a Serperior DX Kid figure! :D Many thanks to glaceon4444 for this cutie!

Also from Glaceon4444, here's my recent regular Tomy figure arrival, the Milotic on the right, hanging out with the two Darkrai. <3

As an extra notice, I've updated my recent sales + auctions entry with 8 new items (4 direct sales + 4 for auction), so feel free to check it out!
All auctions have been extended as well, due to work stuff.

Click for the sales!
Click to be teleported to sales fun!
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