Bondra_Doll (xxblackwing95xx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Sales!

 Granted sales permission on 02/14/11 by dakajojo
In a definite need for some money, so here are some sales! (:
~I only accept Paypal
~Inquire for shipping costs

Pokemon Center no line Note Pad (never been used): Sold
Front  Back
Glaceon Clearfile: $13 (Perfect condition, no bends)

Various Figures:
Totodile Tomy: $2.00
Misdreavus Kid: $1.00
Hasbro Mudkip: $0.50
Mudkip Figure: $2.00

Seviper Action(Poison Fang) Figure: $3.00

Big Tomy Bulbasaur: $7.00 (Perfect condition, besides a couple minor paint scuffs)

Large Vinyl Gengar Keychain: Sold (I've never seen one sold before, so idk exactly how much to put or if it's rare or not. ^^;; Tell me if you think I priced it too low)

Celebi Mechanical Pencil: $6.00 (Perfect condition, never used. I can include some lead if someone really wanted me too.)

Change to Pokeball Marill Plush: $3.00 (Has a little marker stain on his bum, but otherwise fine condition)
Hasbro Pichu Plush:  $4.00
Each Neopets Figure is $2.00

Tags: bulbasaur, butterfree, celebi, gengar, glaceon, marill, misdreavus, mudkip, pichu, sales, seviper, shaymin, totodile
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