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Collection Update. :)

So, I've gotten a few packages over the past month and I figured I should do a collection update before I go back home for spring break (that starts today! Whoo).

First up is a Custom Mightyena plush I bought from happyjolteon. I've always had a soft spot for Mightyena because I love Hyenas in real life and when this little guy went up for sale, I knew I had to have him.

Front View:

Side View:

Landmin has always been my favorite Shaymin form (I love Skymin as well!). So when I saw that these were in the Seattle Koisks, I had to get one from blackfruitbat. He's so fuzzy and adorable in real life. I named him Woodstock and I can give you a cookie if you can guess why I named him that.


Tag art:

Next is a Buizel Pokedoll I got purchased from katcheecricket. We were actually emailing each other when they won this. I've always been after a Buizel Pokedoll because of how cute it is and my massive love for the little water weasel. His name is Liverpool after my ingame Buizel/Floatzel. <3


I also got a bit of stuff at the Black and White tour when it came to Indianapolis. :) I was toting around Remus, my Houndour with me, and I had a sweatshirt of The Who on it; though I didn't stay too long so I doubt any of you guys saw me. Lol.

Tour Gets:

Finally, here's my collection as it is now at my dorm room (I'm taking home a lot of my plushies over break)


Yay for small little collection updates. Now I just want to get back home and finally be able to play Black and White. (Three exams the week it came out prevented me from playing it. Dx)
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