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HUGE collection update with Grails~

 Hi folks~
It's been forever since I had my last collection update and believe me,
I've got TONS of new adorable stuff  even a couple of grails included!! 8D

Come and take a look at my more and less new friends  ^_^ 

I found these kids from Tsukicon 2010 
I know know! I don't collect Piplup and I really try to only stay with the Pokemon collect but.. 
Because I had to add the matching Pikachu to my CHU collection ... I just had to get thet one <3 
I kinda love the matching kids pairs now =D 

More kids! I got them in a trade with  jeansama 
Love them all, especially the lil howling wolf <3  I FINALLY HAVE HIM!

Zorua & Zoroark Zukan 8D  Got it in a trade with awesome karoia 

TOMY DX Eevee  >w<   Got her in a trade with the super sweet terryrose 

Then very finally my Chirstmas gets!~
I know, I know XD
Well, I said I hadn't had an update for ages and .. well, it's always rather good to be done someday than never! 

Pokepark from my mom  and The European release Mupkip Pokedoll
I've kinda wanted to own that Mudkip plush since I was a kid and didn't have the money to buy it when they were sold in stores~

And now it's GRAIL TIME!

THIS!  I have no idea how precious he is to me
I bined him from ryunwoofie 's Christmas Chu Auction
He's also a present from mom for me~  I'm so thankful of him~~
Seriously I thought it'd take millions of years from me to get this fuzzy loveliness but YES I OWN HIM NAOOO

HEY! I did not say all those kind words to allow you to steal my mac!!

Pika:  >:3

Me: .... 

Christmas time over! Let's get back to school and stuff ...

YAY my first two megabloks 8D
Vulpix is a win from swtlilangel666  's offers
and Flareon is from  mellow_candy 
A lots of thanks you two, I adore them ;__;


My first Eeveelution jakks which means I have 7 to go  XD
She's from ravestars85 , thank you ^_^

I know the Eevee canvases aren't really called "grails" at yet but..
I would consider this one as a grail
Vaporeon is the rarest of them and now I FINALLY have her, been after one from the very first day around here =D
Isn't her tal just so very beautiful? I couldn't resist setting it free for first but after actually I so.. I kinda felt that she was good as she was and sewed it back immediately.. If I ever get the chance to snatch another one for setting the tail free (as if that'd ever happen)
I'm probably gonna name her Clare and she joined my Eeveelution Canvas family very happily ^_^
Won her from kiriska   's offers  :3   I'm extremely happy to be her new owner <3

Snached this beautiful Espeon & Umbreon promotion bag with Clare~
Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! <3

Also got a beautiful Vaporeon drawing but didn't remember to picture it D8> 
And anootheeer GRAiL

This has been my most wanted real Grail ever since I joined
Eevee 2006 Canvas o GETTODAZE!
I haven't given her a name at yet, thought I've been calling her "Choco" and "Chocolate"
while I call my 2009 version Sugar XD  
She's such a little cuddly puppy fox X3
Snatched her from espeon_lover  's offers, I cannot ever thank you enough <3


Meeting of the sisters~ Aren't they so so cute? Sugar will be great big sister to her  n_n

Meeting of the Eevees
Welcome to the gang lil sweety fellow ^_^

Have a nice weekend, all of you and don't be too sad about the tsunami, please :3 
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