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In a dusty, forgotten corner...

I guess that cardboard box was somehow airtight. Man, if I ever labeled a box with my livejournal name for real, I would have to rethink the whole me being sane thing. How did I even fit him in there? Anyway, HI! How many of you were excited to see A-Bok in a draw post intro?! Ok, probably not many I'd wager... I bet lots of you have forgotten me! So now is the perfect time for a-

Starring yours truly! You can call me Skink, Paint, or PaintViper. I have been a collector in this community for well over a year, getting much closer to 2 now, though I have spent many months silent and a few more almost completely silent. I have just not been around! I currently live in TX, having pinball'd around IL from location to location until I landed where I am now and where I plan to stay, living with my boyfriend in our own apartment. I work as a Barista at a local Starbucks. I'm 21 years old and have been hooked on pokemon since the golden days. The first game I ever played was blue.. it was a free game to play in the waiting room of my orthodontist. Like everyone, I thought I was the best ever at it. Because I so totally was.

I collect Ekans, Arbok, and Seviper more than any other pokemon, with a particular emphasis on the first two snakes. As far as snake pokemon go, my collection is a large one, and was at one point one of the biggest but I am sure other collectors have caught up with me or surpassed me by now. It is still a modest size for a big one (there is not much snake merch out there) but I have almost all of my wants, with several gems. I have taken a recent interest in the Snivy line and have adored them since their release, but collecting a starter is a little overwhelming for me.. so I am a very, very casual peruser of them! I intended to collect all and only plush but that quickly became beyond me! Just about any reptilian pokemon, you name it, I love it/ Most of my collection can be viewed on my collection website, The Orange Ekans!

Other than collecting pokemon, my other hobbies include making art, raising reptiles, and field herping. My passion for reptiles spans across all of my interests, from my art subjects to my taste in pokemon! I currently reside with 5 snakes and 4 lizards... if you think that's a lot, I used to have a much larger collection of 12 snakes alone, not counting the other animals, and it was still growing! I fully expect my current collection to reach and surpass that mark. I currently live with 2 western hognoses, 1 texas rat snake, 1 ball python, 1 blood python, 1 blue tongue skink, 1 frilled dragon, and 2 crested geckos. My cresties are expecting... the female is currently gravid! My art is done by dabbling in several medias, but mostly I just sketch, though I am capable of painting, sculpture, and have even tried sewing plush! I fancy myself a decent artist. I also fancy myself a decent field herper. Field herping is when you go out in to the field to track down, catch, and study or observe wild reptiles and amphibians. This doesn't really have a purpose other than being an enjoyable outing for a reptile lover. I eventually plan to keep and breed cobras, preferably kings, but other elapids as well... you can bet one will be named Arbok, haha. Not because of pokemon, though! I have a great interest in reptile psychology, having trained varanids and gotten closer to my animals on a more personal level than many keepers do, and cobras, kings especially, are among the most intelligent and trainable snakes out there.

So... HEY THERE! How are you? I am doing well!


Now to tend to some other things... I have been gone for a decent amount of time. I can't remember the last time I posted here even just as a comment. Life has been crazy. I have literally had to rebuild mine from scratch, with very little left to my name and coming to a new state where I only knew 1 person for hundreds of miles. Pkmncollectors slowly went from just being on the back burner to being completely forgotten, but lately you guys have been on my mind more and more, and I've decided my life is now settled enough to come back. I will only be buying in moderation. Now that I have an apartment and job again, most of my fun money is going to be focused on adding more reptiles to my zoo so I can start having, and then increase breeding efforts. Considering one animal can cost several hundred dollars BEFORE purchasing an enclosure, it definitely leaves little in the pocket to enjoy elsewhere! I hope nobody worried.

Any cool snake stuff for sale?
Show me show me show me! I have a little bit of income to burn right now.. just a little, but still! It'd be nice to contribute to the community monetarily again.

Anyone looking for me?
I don't know if I might possibly owe someone money? I think I was a part of some preorder for a big snivy plush. I remember looking for it in december and finding out it wasn't time yet... I don't even know if it was released, it was a very early preorder. It was large. Maybe it never went through idk. If I owe anyone else something, I am unaware, so feel free to step forward.. maybe I don't owe anyone anything at all, idk, I haven't been contacted by any sellers looking for their funds.

Waiting on something from me? I am sure this post caught your interest, but check your email! Woo! If you don't see what you're wanting to know there, pm me.

What have I added to my collection lately?
Not much, unfortunately. Just...
-Pokemon Black
-Pokemon White
-Some Jakks Togekiss I found in the Walmart discount aisle a couple days ago, poor towgi
-A handkerchief featuring Seviper!
-Several banpresto Snivy plush!

I'd take pictures if I could, especially of the handkerchief, but my computer is currently kersplat. I am using my boyfriend's computer, and his webcam is MIA. Sorry guys... I'll chuck up a shot of that when I can!


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