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a pillow story

because of this community's close ties to japan and with many of our members, fans and supporters living here, i understand a lot of folks here are pretty upset about the earthquake and tsunami that struck japan. first off, almost all of our japan-based members (japanese and folks here abroad) have checked in and are okay.

a lot of japan is NOT okay, though. some of our members, along with a few million others, were stranded in tokyo and elsewhere with no way to go home last night, in chilling cold. and many people are missing, injured, or dead. you can find information on relief efforts in japan by clicking here.

now here is a little story to try to lighten the dark mood i know many are in, from someone who was in the middle of it. please do not think i mean to make light of the situation here, i only hope to alleviate some of the horrible feelings everyone has right now, as this story has been giving a lot of folks some smiles.

VERY thankfully, my collection took the worst beating out of anything in my house. i have around 500 things, and i was picking up about 499 of them after it was over, most of which had been flung against the OPPOSITE wall of the room. it was a rather huge mess, but i am extremely grateful a mess was about all it was, and in a way, i am very thankful to my electrics for taking the brunt of that earthquake for me and my ferret.

about an hour after the initial big quake, my neighborhood was bracing itself through endless aftershocks (they still aren't over!) and picking up the pieces, when my doorbell rang. i thought it would be police doing door to door checks. but...

it was my mailman with a huge box. he'd been on his rounds as the quake went down, and just shrugged, and KEPT GOING. my mouth gaped open and didn't close until five minutes after he left. as he handed me my box he said "man, that sure was scary!".

and went on to continue delivering things!!!

it was pillows. only one was actually for me, so, i guess, meet my earthquake pillow.

pillowCollapse )

i tip my hat to you, mailman, and everyone else here who just keeps doing their thing despite it all. and thanks very much to everyone who is worried and giving support. again, here are some links to relief efforts for anyone interested.

and finally, i'm leaving comments open, but please no comments worrying about me, and especially no comments worrying about my collection (PLEASE, i know it's what this comm is about, but it is so unimportant to me at the moment @_@). what you can comment with, however, is a photo of some of your pokemon holding up a hand written sign or message of support for folks here in japan! so hop to it!

苦しんでいる日本にいる子供たちとみんな様、世界のポケモンファンからのメッセージーは以下です。少しでもスマイルできればすごくうれしく思います。 一緒に頑張りましょう。
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