Kes-chan (kawaiikes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Center kiosk pick-up reminder

Just a quick reminder that I'm still taking orders for the new B/W merchandise at the Pokemon Center kiosk.

Click here to go to my pick-ups!

All previous orders have been shipped out, with the exception of two international orders and one order I received the address for late. The three remaining orders will be sent out tomorrow; they would have gone out today if Comcast's internet hadn't decided to go down for five or six hours in our area of Seattle. @_@

To make this post more interesting, here is the pokedoll-style Whimsicott plush I've been working on since a week or two before the official pokedoll's release (in the photo his eyes/mouth are placed on, not attached, so please excuse their strange appearance):

He's more complete now, with most of the poofs attached to his back (he looks much less bald!). I'll post again once he is complete, but I'm working on him on a limited time frame along with a Slowpoke plush I'm making for Sam's birthday (which is tomorrow) and playing white version.
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