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New Jakks plush are out and SALES

So I went to Target today and the new Jakks Plush are out! (the series before the new black and white bunch)
Sadly, they are all a bunch of repeats like we all feared.  I picked up Pachy because he was a different pose. No Zorua though :(
Sorry that_zorua 

Both Jakks Pachirisu and a Poke comic! Hooray for bigger collections! I also bought the Mijumaru card tin. The Oshawott figure is great.
I am also in love with Victini now. Someone give me a plush of him :D

I have a Leafeon Jakks for sale

$15 shipped <3

I would like to thank kiiyame and nagaineko for attempting a GA of my sales. For your hard work I offer you two free shipping on anything in my store <3 If anyone had their heart set on anything from the GA my sales are here:

I am glad to hear everyone in Japan is safe. My heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones.
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