Katie the Spaztastic (first_mate_kate) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Katie the Spaztastic

Mall Tour Atlanta and B/W Goodness

Hey there, comm-goers! This is just gonna be a quick post, because I've got to get to bed so I can get up early for the Georgia mall tour tomorrow! <3 Remember, zeldana put up a post about possible meetups for this tour stop, if you're interested in finding and meeting up with more people.

As for me, I may or may not actually attend a meetup because I'll most likely be running around with my boyfriend, thalnos8888 . HOWEVER- I would be more than happy to meet some of you guys from the comm at the tour if you are attending!

The first eight people to come up to me and say that they're from PKMN Collectors will get a little treat bag! Its not too much, just a kind gesture to show my appreciation for the community. ^^ To find me, please look for a brunette in a Team Rocket shirt, knee-high boots, and this lovely bag of awesome goodness:

(This is also an excellent opportunity to show off this gem of a bag- I actually got it a few months back, after someone posted a link to it on ebay. I haven't really used it much since then, so I'm kinda excited to finally break it in so to speak lol!. ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS? LOOK AT THEM FIRE TYPES- LOOOOOOVELY. Plus it has not one but TWO of my collection-pokes on there, Charizard and Flareon. <3 SO MUCH LOVE.)

Also- my boyfriend and I have recently received mad hookups with an assistant manager from a local Gamestop. This guy is seriously my new best friend. xD We went in today, and he let us have the big display boxes for the new games. ANNNND there's a b/w standee shelf that houses the new DSi game cases and bundles, and he said once its empty or once they stop using it, we can totally have it. WHAT? A POKEMON SHELF TO HOLD POKEMON COLLECTIONS?? Why, yes, sir! So much awesomeness. <3 

All right then, time for bed. :) Hope to see some of you at the mall tour tomorrow!!

**PS- Best prayers and wishes to all those affected (and continued to be affected by) the tragic events in Japan. You're all in my thoughts, and I hope everyone and their loved ones remain safe and strong through all of this. Remember that everyone on the comm is willing to help you and give you support; we all got your backs! <3

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