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Notices From Celga, Hardrock-Pokemon, Noppin/Crescent Trading, SMJ, Treasure Japan!

I know a lot of us use deputy services as part of our Pokemon collecting resources and so I thought it would be appropriate to share some messages in regards to some of the service providers in light of everything that has gone on.

In alphabetical order:


Celga on a whole are doing fine and for the most part, it is business as usual with shipments being made. There are, of course, potential changes to their service in the aftermath of what has happened in Japan in relation to the affected areas.


Hello, once again, thank you for your kind emails and messages conerning Celga Japan office's safety. We are really encouraged by your warm thuoght.

About the business, we are not seeing the major setback and the delay at the moment. We packed the items and shipped out the packages as usual today, too. Kansai International Airport is open and Post Offices here are taking the packages.

A few Auction sellers from the area that had the big damage in Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima Prefectures said that they couldn't ship the packages domestically today. But, usually, we don't recieve many packages from the area.

We'll upadte you when your auction items or packages are affected. Thank you very much for your corporation and patience!

Keigo from Japan

RE: HARDROCK-POKEMON.COM as initially confirmed by minjei and Brian Grabow are doing fine as their location is down south rather than up north.

RE: NOPPIN/CRESCENT TRADING as initially posted by psychobreak

Noppin/Crescent Trading Inc. on a whole are doing fine. Despite this, there are potential changes to their service in the aftermath of what has happened in Japan.


Thank you so much for a lot of messages.

Fortunately, we didn't have any damages in our area as we are located in Southern part of Japan.
We didn't even feel any quakes at all but this huge earthquake would impact many things.
We are very sorry for people in Tohoku (northen part of Japan) and around Tokyo.
Hoping that they will be back to normal very soon.

We just wanted to tell all our clients as the follow:

1) All of items in our warehouse is safe and any damages at all.

2) We can take orders from our website as usual but please understand:

- domestic shipping could be delay or suspended.

Japan Post is announced that they are now stopping service from/to Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima and Ibaraki. (In Japanese: 北海道, 青森, 秋田, 岩手, 宮城, 山形, 福島, 茨城 ) For other place around Tokyo Metropolitan area, there could be possible delay.

- we might not be able to contact to sellers of Yahoo Auctions from the area smoothly.

People in the area could be suffering no internet connection.
Most of items on Yahoo Auction were listed before the earthquoke.

3) International Shipping

We are now checking situation but it is saturday here. We will checking it further on monday.
The international air port in our area is working so there shouldn't be any problems.

We will keep updating news about earthquake and our service.

Best Regards,

Masamichi Kuge,
Noppin (Crescent Trading, Inc.)

RE: SMJ as initially posted by swtlilangel666

Aside from a few toys knocked about, everything seems to be fine at SMJ though shipping delays are to be expected.


"Hello everyone,

First just wanted to give our best wishes to all those in Japan effected by the recent earthquake and persisting tsunamis. All the best and please be safe.

Just to address any possible concerns about SMJ's Tokyo office and operations, other than a few toys knocked off the shelves, everything is ok and nothing damaged. Of course we do expect shipping and processing delays. Otherwise it should be business as usual.

Best wishes to all our friends in Japan.

-Nick "

RE: TREASURE JAPAN as initially posted by viperfox

As Treasure Japan is located down south, everything seems to be fine though there will be changes made to their services and what they will or will not offer.


A series of strong earthquakes hit northern part of Japan today.
We Treasure Japan locates Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu (south area in Japan) and so we are all well.
There aren't any quake damages in our town now.
I appreciate your concern.

For emergency situation, we won't take a part of orders at our option from now.
Especially we cannot proceed auctions listed from devastated district.
I thank you for your kind understanding.


- Japamart - koujakai reported that a shipping notice was received though whether the notice was automated or not is uncertain

Mods, if this post is too OT, please feel free to delete it and let me know.

I just thought I would share this in case anyone missed the updates on the various websites during their most recent updates.
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