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flea market trip sales!

 Some of you might still remember my epic flea market trip a few weeks ago. I'm really bad at letting stuff go, but I have finally decided to put most of the stuff I found on sale. (Lots of sales posts lately... It's not like I need money or anything... x3) Legendary birds and ANA handkerchief up for auction, lots of stamps and figures for sale! Please have a look! ^^

- Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo

- I live in Finland. The shipping starts from $1 for flats and $7 for anything thicker than 1.2 inches.

- Paypal only. Please add your LJ username to the message when you send a payment.

- Please leave me feedback here!

Please note that all of this stuff is second hand so most of it isn't mint. But don't worry, most of these need nothing but a good cleaning. :3

First off, sales!

Lots of 151 stampers and a couple of others - $4 each
Please note that all the stampers don't have caps so I will put the caps on those that get sold first :3
Sold: Poliwag, Gloom, Slowpoke

Random figures and keychains and a couple of Diamond&Pearl tissue packs. I don't know what to price them at, so throw me offers around $2-5.

These guys are up for auction!  
There were several people interested in the legendary birds so I decided to put them here. Zapdos is missing a beak and Moltres an eye (but as you can see from the first picture, the other eye is there).
Also a couple of other figures I thought might be popular: Growlithe 151 stamper, an unknown Growlithe figure (possibly in-case/chibi stamper figure?) and a Flareon FCS figure.
Offers start at $4 for each of these.
I removed the ANA handkerchief auction since there were no offers and I think I couldn't have parted with it anyway x3

Everything can be combined with my permanent sales/auctions post ^^

Both these auctions and the marble/fan/ponjyan tab auctions end in a week, on Saturday March 19th at 11:59PM CST.
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