gabtizzle (gabtizzle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA shipping

for the people in this GA

just update everybody so you know i'm still here.
last week was TERRIBLE, i had BUTT LOADS of work due plus 3 exams and an essay ugh
so i couldn't send anything out throughout the week...

but i got up super early (9am lol) and went to the post office near my house (i usually use the one by my school) fir the first time. turns out...THEY ARE CLOSED ON SATURDAYS WTF! so by the time i got to go to my school (its 30 minutes from my house) the post office there already closed...

i know you guys hate crappy excuses but please be patient with me. i already sent the 1st round out and i will send the 2nd out this monday. good news though, i will send out 18 packages instead of the normal 12 so that mean i only have a few more rounds to go!

some of you still owe me shipping and you can go ahead and check that here:

please send your total over to:

you can also check at anytime to see if i sent your stuff out (i will cross out your name when i do)

if you have any questions regarding payments or changed addresses please PM me =]

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