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Zukan Sale Reminder

Hi all,

Quick reminder that my last zukan sale will end at Midnight (PST) Sunday night. Zukans up for sale include the first eeveelution, swimming milotic, the limited edition Ho-oh/Lugia set and others. I don't plan to offer any of these again, sorry, those that don't go are getting packed away.

Here's the link to the sale:

I've decided to basically only sell for offers of $10 or more. It's just too much hassle to sell at a lower value, sorry. Easier to just pack those away. Also, please don't get offended if I don't sell to your offer. As I've said, I'd rather pack most away rather than sell them below what I think is their value. Who knows, they may end up being worth a lot more in 20 years?

Here's a quick list of current offers (I'll try to update these through the weekend if I get anymore offers) of $10 or more, and odds of them selling at offered prices (Zukan name, highest current offer, chance I'd sell if the high offer doesn't change):

Zukan Current Offer Chances

Swimming Milotic $80 None
Eeveelution I $175 Excellent
Ho-oh $120 Unlikely
Lugia $100 Unlikely
Latios/Latias $40 Possible
Dragonite $33 Unlikely
Heracross $10 Possible
Johto Starters $10 Excellent
Ninjask $12 Very Unlikely
Fossil $25 Unlikely
Normal Deoxys $11 Unlikely
Mewtwo $35 Possible
Xatu $12 Unlikely
Vileplume $18 Unlikely
Kyogre MC $31 Likely
Gardevoir $18 Unlikely
Poliwag $25 Unlikely
Golem $10 Unlikely
Slowking $10 Unlikely
Blastoise $45 Unlikely
Manectric $20 Unlikely
Wigglytuff $30 Likely
Breloom $35 Unlikely
Metagross $20 Unlikely
Aerodactyl $12 Unlikely
Linoone $22 Unlikely
Dewgong $17 Unlikely
Ledbya $13 Unlikely
Ampharos $18 Unlikely
Gallade $10 Unlikely
Single Metagross $15 Very Unlikely
Toxicroak $15 Unlikely
Furret $20 Very Unlikely
Snorlax $15 Unlikely
Rayquaza in Clouds $10 Very Unlikely
Groudon $16 Unlikely
Omastar $10 Very Unlikely
Magmortar $10 Unlikely
Electivire $12 Unlikely
Tentacruel $13 Unlikely
Onix/Steelix $15 Likely
Articuno $25 Excellent
Palkia standing $30 Excellent
Luxray $15 Unlikely
Froslass $15 Unlikely
Muk $40 Likely
Typhlosion $13 Unlikely
Starmie $15 Very Unlikely
Kabutops $15 Very Unlikely
Zangoose/Seviper $10 Unlikely
Celebi in the forest $12 Unlikely

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