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Introduction and Houndour Plush?

Hi, Everyone!

I'm new to this community. I recently decided to start collecting Pokemon stuff again. I primarily collect cards, but also a few plushies, which is what brought me here. I don't have any photos of my collection yet, but I'll try to do that since it seems like something people do in this community.

Yesterday, I was at Epcot in Disney World. I LOVE their Pokemon selection. I remember a few years ago, they had a Houndour plush. However, they don't have it anymore. Does anyone know if the Houndour plush is still for sale anywhere? If so, where could I find one? I would really LOVE one for my collection. I'm sorry if asking something like that isn't allowed. I read through the rules and I'm pretty sure it's okay to ask.

I know I'm not allowed to trade yet, but, if someone can find me one, I could possibly get you a plush at Epcot in return. I'll have to reread the rules on trading and get the permissions for that first, though.

Thank you,
Tags: houndour, introductions, plush, pokedolls
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