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Birmingham B/W Tour + Gets

Today myself and vande_bot attended the Black and White tour in Birmingham, here in the UK. Likewise with other posts here, there wasn't much but the demos and the Snivy mascot there, though there was a lot of people there playing the games and the staff were very friendly, getting involved, making sure you had downloaded the Victini event and asking questions about where you were in the game. It was still fun, despite it's small size, just to chill out and play the games surrounded by other Pokémon fans!
The only difference from the previous events is that they are now giving out a limited number of free T-Shirts.


According to reports online, they were giving away free T-Shirts to the first 20 people who attended. Luckily we got there pretty early and they seemed to be giving quite a few away!
I'm unsure whether they did this because of the great disappointment there has been with there not being merch there (As I got the impression that a lot of people who have been to the last few events had been expecting merch. A lot of people at this event had expected it too.) But it's still a very neat T-Shirt!


These are also a few gets I got today! The Oshawott trading card tin with the figure I got from the trip to Birmingham and when I came home, my Samurott/Daikenki Pokédoll from sakusha was waiting for me!

Talking of the event:
While at the event today, my friend and I were approached by a woman and a small boy asking about the plush we were carrying (A Dewott and a Shaymin Sky Forme plush) and mentioned to us that they had heard there was supposed to be merch there. Later on, I overheard one of the staff of the event, telling the boy, that if he wanted more events to go to and merch like they get "in the US and Japan", that he should try and contact "them" (Assuming Nintendo UK) to let them know.
This actually got me thinking, would it be worth actually e-mailing Nintendo UK and let them know just how much of a demand there is for merch over here? Maybe suggest to them ideas about kiosks as well? They must know by now, from the disappointment from the lack of merch from the recent event, that it actually would be quite popular over here. Any thoughts?

Nintendo UK's contact page is located here if any of you wish to try and send an e-mail. I'm unsure as to whether it would go to the Marketing or PR e-mail though. I guess it's always worth a try? Maybe at the next event, we'll be surprised!
Just keep in mind that Nintendo UK themselves never announced that there would be merch at these Black and White tours, so please don't put blame them for the rumour that merch was going to be available there :)
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