ShiningMew (shiningmew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Price Check on 1/1 plush

Hey everyone! I found a Zorua Jakks Plush when I ran into Target today (looking for a DAMN LEAFEON AND UMBREON >:|), and since I already have one, he needs a new home! Umm $13 OBO?

As for my recent sales, everyone who lives internationally and has paid me, your items were sent out this morning. All remaining US purchases will be sent out during the week or once I get home for spring break this Friday/Saturday. Midterms and eye problems are still haunting me, but I will try my best! Everything is packed, just need to get to the PO. Feel free to ask about the status of your stuff~

We are still missing a lot of payments from the Zukan GA. Please get them in!


Also, how much are 1/1 Cyndaquil and 1/1 Chikorita worth??
Tags: chikorita, cyndaquil, group auction, zorua, zukan

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