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Wants post

Hello, all. All my sale/ auction/ offer went well in my spring break, and therefore I hold a lot of money now. So it's time for a wants post. I can not buy all of course but I will pick up a couple if my wallet allows. Just show me your buddy and I will throw money at you. I know how much I will pay for some of them. Also, if you prefer a trade and have 10 positive feedbacks, we can do it. You can just comment in this post or PM me if you'd prefer. But show me your feedback here first, seriously.

Things left in my sale post:

 High Priority:
Dragonite Pokedoll, dunno, perhaps $30-35? please be in good condition

Latias in-bottle figure, around $10

Zapdos Zukan on the left, around $40 depends on condition

Dialga TOMY pose figure $10 - $15 depends on condition

Lugia and Eeveelutions clearfile, I'm not sure what size this is. I prefer it to be A4, so do not feel offended if it is not and I reject your offer. dunno it's worth.
Others I might be interested
ANY clear Dialga/ regular Zapdos/ Moltres TOMY figures - Monster Collection straight $7 each, yes!
Articuno Johto Dex charm - $7?
Flareon Jakks figure - dunno how much it goes now 'cause it's from eeveelutions!

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