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Ash Ketchum, Bash Kitchum - A question for all you customisers out there

I've realized this for a long time. We own A LOT of Pokemon merchandise. We got Pikachu's here, Eeveelution's there, and Oshawott's up the Osha-wazoo. But what about figures of the people who OWN them? I know the monsters are Pokemon's main selling point, but when do the humans get more of their due?
I have a lot of humans in my collection, but it just doesn't feel right making them Pokemon Trainers, it just don't feel right at all. Spider-Man can web-sling crime on his own I tell ya h'what.Eventually, we get figures of Ash, Dawn and Brock at the local Target a few years ago. I love my Brock action figure to death, he's cool. Then I look at Ash and Dawn, and I'm like "Oh crapma, what hurr derpy faces you have!",

and I never cared for them since. It was too bad, too. I'm a sucker for articulation, and this was the only one of many Ash figures that had a little more poseability that didn't cost $200.

Then came an idea, "What if I get these toys' heads and kitbash them on Jakks' Ash action figure?"

No, not like that. But that is pretty cool.

What I want to try is the first picture above. Putting an old figure of Ash's head on Jakks' Ash's body. Unfortunately, I don't own ANY of the Ash figures to try it out for myself. But have any of you tried it before? Would the size be proportionate? Would any colors mismatch? If you have any info, I'd appreciate it.

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