Philosopher Chimera (dinictis) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Philosopher Chimera

What Deputy / Middle-Man Service do you use? + some Sales updates!

Hey guys!
I've been meaning to ask this for a while, and now that some auctions I've been eying on Yahoo!Japan are about to reach their closes, I could really use some of your help / expertise!
Which deputy do you use? And why?
Is there any differences between the different deputy sites and the services / options they offer? So far the deputy services I've heard of are: SMJ, Noppin, Goody-Japan.
Are any easier to use than the others? Do any specific deputies have lower commission fees / rates? Which one is the easiest to setup in a rush?
Why do you choose to use the deputy you use over the others available?

I appreciate any insight / help anyone can offer my way!
Haha, I rarely order internationally without preordering through a vendor in the US so these things always confuse me! My internet suavity is not the best!
Thank you! You guys are the best!

And now, not to only leave a post with only a question-- I've been working on a proper Sales post!
I've got lots of new stock available and have updated / lowered some prices too! :)
New MIB Jakks Figures!

Including some Eevolutions and much more!
( new stock available: Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Luxio, Azurill, Bibarel, Rotom, Mismagius ! )

All the Pokedolls I had on hand that are for sale have been listed!
Also added in a Brand New Togekiss Jakks Plush!
+ lowered some prices on the B/W PokeCen Plush!

I still have some Pokemon Candies / Gum left!
+ I've lowered prices on Gum & Stickers!

Don't forget to read the Shop Rules!
And that I'm very willing to haggle if the price isn't right! :)

( I hope if I can make some extra money through sales, I can scrounge up some funds to send over to the Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Relief fund! )

(p.s.! - I've been having some computer access issues this past week. As a result, I'm still in the middle of working through a backlog of messages. I hope to be caught up by tomorrow! Sorry for the delay if I haven't gotten back to you yet!
If I've missed getting back to anyone, please let me know! Especially with LJ hiccuping recently on notifications, I'm doubly wary I might have missed something unintentionally!
Please don't hesitate to give me a prod if you're waiting on me for something!)
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