Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for...

Yet another wants post! This time I am looking for Chirashi (or promo leaflets/small posters/postcards-sized) of pokemon movies, preferably japanese, though US would be fine too (I'll most likely take both)
I already have an Entei movie postcard and Arceus and Zoroark movies Chirashi, but would be delighted in getting other stuff.

Thank you in advance!

Also, another TCG wants list. (doesn't matter if it's english or japanese)
Neo Destiny: Dark Scizor
Skyridge: charizard, noctowl, heracross, raikou
Aquapolis: tentacruel, miltank, rapidash
EX sandstorm: Sandslash
EX unseen Forces: slowking
EX emerald: Electrode, feebas
EX Dragon: magikarp, Graveler (no.30), horsea (33) Grovyle
EX Hidden Legends: registeelEX Deoxys: Silcoon, shiftry
Delta Species: Espeon, Slowking, Dragonair
EX Holon Phantoms: Camerupt, regirock
Legends Awakened: Kyogre, poliwhirl
Diamond and Pearl:  ponyta, mantyke, vespiquen
Supreme Victors: garchomp
Great Encounters: Porygon-Z
Rising Rivals : Heracross GL
Gym Challenge: Sabrina's Kadabra, Koga, Sabrina, Erika, Blaine

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