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For Japan

Hello everyone~

I am going to be doing special pickups for Pokemon Center plush.


All of the commissions I make are going to be donated to Japan aid.
I of course strongly recommend direct donations, however if you were going to order something anyway I would like to help as much as I can.

EDIT: WOW everyone! We already raised $100! I am going to aim for $200 next. 8D

Normally I charge $3 commision for pokedolls/small plush, $5 for large plush, and $1 a figure.

100% of my commissions will be donated.

I am trying to raise $100 $200 to start, but would of course love to raise more.

Please comment with your location and the items you want for a quote~

And of course, I happily ship internationally!

First amount raised so far: $126.00
New amount raised so far: $166.00
($292.00 in total! Nice job everyone!)

Current Items In Stock (As of 3-6-11) Retail: $10.95


  • Snivy: bladespark, hebitheivan (x2), Cherokeefawn, Cinnri, Punkspacewafers, shiny_vulpix, mfb, skittykittykat, usagimakeup,
  • Tepig: Raikourai, Gabrielvalient, Fluffyhoundour, Cherokeefawn, Dotmatrixgame, Shaggygriffon, Tiieme, skittykittykat, tealbulbasaur, usagimakeup,
  • Oshawott: Cinnri, skittykittykat,
  • Muuna: master (x2), sorcererhuntres, Strigidae, zixyn,
  • Minccino: rococomelodies, marigoldkisses, bladespark, shinji_wolf, kneesocks, darkangelilith, Lycaonvulpes, Sanatonya, smokey560, sorcererhuntres, zixyn, juumou, Ninjafalcomon
  • Zoura: DesertCoyote, skittykittykat,
  • Zoroark: Kamexx, Vaporotem, smokey560, Porcupine_Paws, celuthea,
  • Sandile: waspxbee, swtlilangel666, mariahpixie, rentorar, MKmoe, funkicarus, midnitesilven, Lycaonvulpes, zixyn, juumou
  • Musharna: thunderwolfcat, pomandarin, MidniteKitten17, Strigidae, zixyn,
  • Emolga: rococomelodies, marigoldkisses, squalls_scar, tagami_yami, Aburamechan, shinji_wolf, Sanatonya, MizuhoKusanagi, zixyn, checkyoufeet, leafyoddish98, tealbulbasaur,
  • Pidove: betonicifolia, Shayminlove, zixyn, little_ledyba,
  • Axew: Riolulz, zixyn, Ninjafalcomon,
Current Large Plush in Stock (As of 3-6-11) Retail: 21.89

  • Reshiram: hebitheivan
  • Zekrom: hebitheivan, WaspxBee, tealbulbasaur,

Currently in Stock Figure Wishlist! Retail: $5.49

Just comment telling me what fig you want n-n

Snivy: Karoia, MKmoe, hebitheivan (x2), ego_black, Punkspacewafers, skittykittykat, usagimakeup,
Oshawott: willowistari, MKmoe, knuclear200x, Punkspacewafers, mizu_kanon, skittykittykat, Stephanie H., usagimakeup,
Tepig: Punkspacewafers, skittykittykat,
Axew: willowistari
Sandileottershark, rentorar, MKmoe, funkicarus, Aburamechan
Pidove: thunderwolfcat, little_ledyba
Reshiram: hebitheivan
Zoura: MysticEden, Stephanie H., 

Thank you everyone~
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