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Mini Grails and Custom Plush Gets - Start of a New Collection

Over the course of the last two months I've somehow managed to get 3 whole mini-grails within quick succession. These are all plush that I have really wanted but were not so unobtainable to warrant Grail status.  So today I present to the community my:

First up is a plush that I have wanted since I learned of its existence upon joining this community. A small adorable plush that was more trouble to track down then any small bird should ever be.  I am of course talking about the Pidgey Applause :D

(Bad Picture is bad XP) So small and adorable <3  For some reason I had thought it bigger by pictures, which usually lacked size refs. But I should have known better as I owned quite a mini collection of applause plush already.

Oh applause and your random shiny fabric placement.  This cute little guy was acquired from xclairxaudenx who answered my meager wants post <3

Soonish after the arrival of le pidgey dear, another box arrived at my doorstep.

It came but three days after my birthday and was wrapped up just like a present :3  Oh what ever could it be?

!!!  Oh boy!  A jumbo box of fruit snacks :D  Just what I always wanted <3

Hey wait... This doesn't look like any fruit snacks that I have ever seen.

Why its something much better then fruit snacks!

Though I have really slowed down in my collecting of shaymin, this particular plush has been a mini-grail want of mine. Its so adorable <3 

I'm not 100% about this plush but I am told it was a limited pokemon center plush to promote the Explorers of Sky game. And the main reason I wanted it?

ADORABLE BAG!  Its so cute and you can even put things in it. It does actually function as a real bag :3

Butt shot XD
This guy was acquired via a mini GA that was held by dezchu 

Now for the final mini-grail and the first ever custom plush I have ever decided to get :D

Meet Archie :3

The Archen Pokedoll like plush
Complete with little Bow that I put on him via his arrival two days ago <3

Look at those adorable little feet and that face <3  Just so cute all the way around X3

Blurry Shot of his little tiny tail X3

and A final close-up profile. :3  I tried to take more detailed pictures but they all kept coming out blurry and my camera was protesting because it was dying and then finally did.  X3

Little Archie was made by the very talented cwinget 

As always along with these things I am always on the look out for more things for my collection.  Mostly wanting things for my new Archen collection (whether it be official or custom merch) as well as stuff for Aerodactyl, Pidgey and Snivy collections.  :3

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